Sony expects to immediately recoup PS4 hardware loss

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Kasz216 said:
enditall727 said:

MS is supposedly going to break even at $499 with X1(but who knows now after their whole scrambling to up the specs thing) and I believe that Nibtendo was taking like a $25 loss with eac Wii U sold a while back. Nintendo said something like they would break even if each customer bought 1 game with their Wii U


OT: $60? I'm impressed

Which is what makes the whole thing really fucking confusing.  Since the XOne is so much lower powered.

The only thing I can guess is Microsoft and Sony are using different metrics on what "Break Even" means... with MS including more.


Either that or Kinect is way more expensive then we can imagine.

I do not think that is is, in my opinion this is most likely the reason:

Xbox One dev claims Kinect costs ‘almost as much’ as the console itself


"Either that or Kinect is way more expensive then we can imagine."

remember the first Kinect was quite expensive without, dedicated Arm Processing chips inside it, this time the New Kinect has dedicated Processing chips designed by microsoft in house




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Well, I guess that narrows down the manufacturing cost to between $460 and $500. The system starting off at no greater than a $100 loss is a huge improvement over the PS3, which cost at least $800 in parts & labor, meaning it was being sold at a whopping $300 loss at launch. Sony has definitely learned from their mistakes, and is a much smarter and more savvy game company than they were  7 years ago.