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Mr Khan said:
What we forget is that mass-shootings take planning, and a LOT of planning, or else its not going to become a mass shooting. You have to pick your venue and arm yourself carefully. This sort of thing does not play into the short-term fight-or-flight high that might be caused by violent games or violent sports or any especially stimulating activity. Mass shootings are an inherently cold-blooded, sociopathic events.

Now could someone with pre-existing sociopathic tendencies play violent video games and be inspired to recreate a particularly gruesome scenario? Probably, but the psychological cause-and-effect isn't there. Violent people may be attracted to violent or faux-violent activities, but such activities don't cause violence, or else we'd have more shooters come from sports like football and hockey.

it really doesnt require much planning.

if i planned on shooting a bunch of people, i would just look up the closest "gun-free" zone. ie school, mall, theatre, etc. just bring a gun and walk in. an easy 10+ kills.

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badgenome said:
SlayerRondo said:
Video games are getting the short end of the stick compared to other media nowadays , most likely a result of it being the youngest.

That's a fair point. The generation gap makes a big difference, and older people are naturally more suspicious of those gosh darn videmotronic games than are people who grew up playing them. But I think it's also because of the interactive nature of games that makes them a very different medium.

On the other hand, prescription drugs are the one issue that always seems to be glossed over. Maybe if Activision and Take Two bought ad time on CNN...

lol. so nobody would see it? cnn is watched even less than MSNBC, and they are almost irrelevent.