Forums - Sony Discussion - TGS 2013: Sony Confirms 5 Million PS4 for FY2013

My prediction is happening.

Massive numbers for 2013.

Ohhhhh Fiscal Year.

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I think they´re aiming too high

Credit to M.U.G.E.N

I think they can do it, if they do it, it will be fantastic

Esencia de la excelencia 
I can see that happening easy. Real question is going to be Holiday season.

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if 1m+ is pre-ordered at launch and this is shipped this should be obtainable.


Goal Post Chartz

the-pi-guy said:

Credit to M.U.G.E.N

That´s more like it

If it's through March I think they can pull it off. It'll be close though--the PS4 and Xone are going to cannibalize each other to some degree, and I'm sure plenty of people will just sit on their current-gen consoles. Plus there are always supply issues to consider.

DEFINITELY not happening by December though, LOL. :p

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Its in the bank, they are doing everything right.

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Sony and you BS prediction.urgh.


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