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REPORT: Gamespot reviewer gives GTA V a generous score, readers want her fired

Overly hyped murder simulator GTA V has finally released, and Gamespot gave it an extremely high score of 9.0 when the review embargo lifted on September 16th.

However, as soon as readers found out she mentioned her personal opinions of the game on her review of the game, they instantly got angry and demanded her firing.

“Politically muddled and profoundly misogynistic” “Perhaps you dive right into the game’s story problems, or its serious issues with women.”

- Carolyn Petit

Sure, it’s her job to review games and tell us her opinions about them, but mentioning that it has issues with women?!

Obviously that is reason to fire her, is it not? Apparently the rabid crowds feel that way, with a petition already created.

So should she be fired?

Of course not.

She reviewed the game, if she felt the game had content she didn’t like, she should mention it on her review. That’s kinda part of her job.

This isn’t the first time it has happened on Gamespot; Jeff Gerstmann received death threats after giving Zelda: Twilight Princess an 8.8.

Children who are offended by personal opinions shouldn’t be buying a game like GTA V anyway. Then again, that isn’t going to stop them.

But of course, not all Gamespot readers are evil children; there are still good people among the GS community:

Certainly we should all feel the same way.


wow! Systemwarsmagazing? Is this where we will all go when neogaf buys up Vgchartz since everyone wants to just get along here?

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Agreed...she should be fired.

9 is a good score.

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Nobody outside of gaming takes the industry serious. Outraging crying nerds are one of the reason.

It's her opinion, so she shouldn't be fired.


It's not like she received death threats, like Tom McShea for the 8 of The Last of Us.

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It is OK because in 5 years websites will revisit all these scores and consider them overrated. The same with people on the internet.

Next on feedbackula... (Gamespot joke)


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Wow, just wow...

LOL are you kidding?! She gave the game a 9! These are the people that would buy the game anyway no matter what score was given in any review so why do they even care. People need to realize that the review score only reflects one persons opinion of the game and that's the reviewers. People have different opinions and need to get over it.

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It's her opinion... It's a damn 9 guys. Personally GTA is usually so overrated that I even think she rated it too high. An 8 would probably be fine.

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