For me the best possibility would be that the PS4 could actually use 16 controllers at the same time, so you could play an 8 player splitscreen on the same TV using SimulView/DualPlay so each player would only see his character and 3 more at the same time, with the same option on another TV through PSVita TV, that makes it 16 players playing at the same time with a PS4, PSVita TV, 16 controllers, 2 SimulView/Dual Play capable 3DTVs and 16 SimulView/Dual Play glasses; all of that with a single copy of a game. Just imagine the insane FPS parties that could be possible, of course with PS4 power probably each screen would look like Counter Strike, but it actually doesn't matter with the fun you would be having.

  • Also the PS4 and/or the PSVita TV would calculate the amount of lag it takes the image to get to the PSVita TV and makes it the same for the player on the PS4, that way no one gets any advantage.