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Firstly let me start off by saying you should take all of the following rumors with a massive grain of salt. I've been friends with a guy who works at Nintendo for quite a few years (I won't say where but I wouldn't have thought his position would give him access to this sort of information). He's constantly giving me all sort of interesting "information", a lot of it completely rubbish but two recent events he got completely right. He told me a few days in advance that a 2D version of the 3DS was in the final stages of design and that The Wonderful 101 was originally planned as a Wii game. So I thought I'd share a few of his other rumours he's dished out on the off chance any of them are true.

- W101 development was an insanely drawn out and expensive project. The game would have required over 2 million sales to break even and NOA tried to draw attention to their Japanese counterparts that it was unlikely to be a good investment.

- NOA tried incredibly hard to bring GTAV to Wii U, including offering to pay for the port. Rockstar made it clear to Nintendo they see them as a company they have no intention to create products for ever.

- EA internal studios have returned all Wii U dev kits. Will offer nominal 3DS support. The conspiracy theories aren't accurate. EA just identified the console was underpowered and wouldn't appeal to consumers.

- 10 months before Wii U release, many first party developers co-signed a letter to higher ups informing them that the Wii U was an underpowered and unstable piece of hardware that limited their ability to design games. The letter was ignored.

- Retro has been planted with Japanese employees in decision making positions. Ignores NOA to follow Japanese orders. Employees unmotivated and just enjoy low hours with high pay.

- NOA know they're trying to sell a dud product. Reggie furious behind the scenes with the direction the company is headed. Iwata wanted closer control of the American arm to limit his influence.

- Wii U virtual console to eventually reach a library "as good as Wii." No gamecube planned. NOA accepts prices are insane but is dictated to by Japanese HQ.

- No cross purchase planned. Nintendo's financial plan is to milk existing customers for as much as they can because they don't think they can attract new consumers. Reggie is furious with this approach but has no support from higher ups.

- NOE virtually an extension of Japanese HQ.

- Massive talent flight from EAD as employees feel Nintendo aren't trying to make critically acclaimed games. Decision making dictated by older higher ups.

- Miyamoto's "secret IP" is a widely held joke within the company. Will never result in a decent game as he is a shadow of the game designer he once was. Japanese branch continues funding the project much to the disdain of the American branch.

- Miyamoto had no real input into Pikmin 3.


No idea if any of this is true. But interesting theories in any case...

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We all have an uncle who works at Nintendo, but trust me, none of them have anything interesting to report. Yours is no different.

This isn't insider information, it's laughable anti-Nintendo propaganda.

I've never heard such Anti-Nintendo tripe in my entire life.

W101 needing 2 mil to break even? R* refusing to put a game on a system, even if Nintendo paid for it? People leaving EAD? (We'd have noticed that). It's all madness.

Predicting W101 is a Wii game is a no-brainer really. Making a 2D version of the 3DS as well, for that matter. Countless people here have been saying one or both of those things on this site, does that mean they're "in the loop" as well?


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Sorry but no ones ever reported accurate insider info on Nintendo outside of hardware leaks. I'mma have to put this right next all the next gen zelda rumours as false, but it was an entertaining read.

Also I'm still 100% convinced that DK Tropical Freeze was originally in developement for either the 3DS/wii. Can't wait to be proven right! ^_^

Some of that sounds plausible because a leak from NOA would be far more likely than one from Japan. Some of it seems out there though.

I do suspect Reggie is not as stupid as people think, but there's not a lot he can do.

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Nintendo also try very hard to hand out free money yet nobody want any of it.

funny that EA knew about WiiU hardware and then suddenly returned WiiU devkits. makes alot of sense.

especially when you have to BUY those...  "oh hey Nintendo  thank you for your devkit sorry but we think this system is underpowered. Here your WiiU devkits that cost us thousands of dollars but we dont care about money."
Also Rockstar ignoring Nintendo's offer to pay the "port to WiiU" bills is laughable. It would result in no risk at all and they would get money for every single copy sold without paying a cent for the port ROFL

So anti Nintendo propaganda bullshit confirmed

Yeah returning the dev kit seems pointless since they already paid for them.

EA games just aren't going to sell on Nintendo platforms. That's really all it boils down to. I was kinda hoping for at least one NHL game with off-TV play before they bailed though.

Nothing against Purple - you seem like a swell guy. But the information reeks of bullshit. I think your friend is fucking with you - giving you false information just to troll you. If i worked for Nintendo - that is what i would do to my friends

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Funniest thing here is how the OP acts as though NOA and NOE are meant to fill any purpose other than marketing Nintendo's products in those regions. Of course they're both extensions of the Japanese HQ. Of course all of the decisions are made in Japan. Somebody here doesn't understand the hierarchy of the company.

Things like NOA trying to tell Nintendo what games to fund or not to fund, or trying to buy third-party support, or supposedly having any authority over what project Retro Studios is working on, these are hilarious. Reggie is neither a hardware nor software designer. He probably doesn't know a damn thing about making video games. He is in charge of marketing them and localizing them, and that's all, and that's how it's meant to be, because that's what he's qualified to do.

As for Miyamoto not having any influence over the development of Pikmin 3, that's absurd. The man's position at Nintendo gives him influence over literally every game in development there. He had a hand in Luigi's Mansion 2, for crying out loud, and that was made in Canada by a team not technically even part of Nintendo. His job is to oversee all Nintendo software development.

Oh yeah, and Nintendo's first-party developers signed a petition complaining that the Wii U was underpowered... after they had been developing for the Wii for six years? HAHAHA. Really.