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96,000 for the best selling console! wow!

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x360 overtracked by almost 50k, ps3 overtracked > 15k so far

So far 360 is overtracked by 47k and PS3 is overtracked by at least 15k.


Hardware sales down 40% year-over-year...ugh.

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Minecraft beasting!

Maybe good news! Mario+luigi undertracked! We got it at #10

VGChartz still undertracking MineCraft. It sold 600k on its first two months. Should be 700k+ by now. Will be at 1m+ by the end of the year!

kowenicki said:
2 1/2 straight years

2.66 years.

At least you don't believe that there is a June 31st.

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96k? Deary me...