Vita Owners: Whats the last 2 games you bought? (digital or physical)

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Wanting to gauge how many of us have purchased recent Vita titles, but also whether we bought them on cardtridge or digital download. Across the industry we're seeing digital purchases rise in popularity and on Vita especially this may be hurting reported figures as retail may only acount for 60-70% of sales or even less in some cases.

My last 2 purchases were Jack and Daxter trilogy (digital) and Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP/digital). next intended purchases are Rayman Legends (digital/next week) and Tearaway (digital).

Most Popular games in the responses:

1. Killzone mercenaries: 60% physical. 
3. Spell luncy: Digital only release
4. Soul Sacrifice: 100% physical 

As a whole, there is clear favour of physical purchases, also Killzone has double the amount of mentions of an other game, hopefully that shows in its EU+NA sales.I expected Rayman Legends to have more mentions, so far it only has 3, buts lots of people expression intention to but it later.

Also to note is that around 10% of people here do not buy Vita games because of PS+. Ouch!

Keep em coming! :)

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Rayman legends (retail) and spelunky

i buy most of the stuff retail. the reason is, i want retailers to see someone has interest in vita games...

must-have-list for platforms i don't own yet:

WiiU: Donkey Kong

XBone: Dead Rising 3, Ryse

Stop buying any vita games long time ago. Now I am only getting vita games through PSN Plus.

Spelunky And Killzone

Does pre-ordered count?

If yes: Ys Celceta and Soul Sacrifice.

If no: Soul sacrifice and Persona 4 Golden.

All physical. I only have 1 Vita game in digital wich is Shinobido 2. I usually only buy digital if the price is really appealing. I got several digital PSP titles for the Vita though. Valkyria 2, MGS Peacewalker, Gods eater burst, Ys seven and FFTWar of the lions.

If PSP counts then the last two were: Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions and Metal Gear Solid peacewalker. Both digital.

If both count then: Ys celceta and FFT. Physical/digital.

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Killzone: Mercenary physical

before that my last games were Everybody's Golf, Wipeout 2048, Reality Fighters and Modnation Racers, all physical. I bought them all at the same time, because they were on sale for 5 € at my local retailer...

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I bought a Vita when I already had like a bunch of games for it from PS Plus, like Wipeout & Uncharted. I barely have enough time to play the games I get for it every month from PS plus, let alone buy new ones. Never bought a game for it.

Spelunky and Hotline Miami

Ongoing bet with think-man: He wins if MH4 releases in any shape or form on PSV in 2013, I win if it doesn't.

Killzone Mercenary and Virtue Last Reward. I have 11 physical games in total and only 3 digital psp games.


Bet with gooch_destroyer, he wins if FFX and FFX-2 will be at $40 each for the vita. I win if it dont

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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (physical) & Total Recoil (digital)