Why do people have backlogs? Honest question, pls read before posting!!

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Why do people have backlogs?

Time. 79 48.77%
Too much disposable income. 15 9.26%
Thinking ahead (Selling g... 5 3.09%
I am a collector. 30 18.52%
not sure. 8 4.94%
I am catching up!! 16 9.88%
see results. 9 5.56%

My story and reasoning as to why I have a backlog differs slightly than the rest of everyone's posts.

I have plenty of time first off, except that I spend most of my time on other things that I deem is worth spending on (chores, my garden, etc). I can't say the same with my games. I need to be in the mood and find some good "I want to play this game" time to actually plop down and play. Because if I just force myself to, then I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I would have if I did found some quality time. This along with the other fact that I don't have a lot of money on me, I like to have a small reserve so that I wont run dry on software that I had never played.

One last notable reason is that there are/were some games that kicked my ass so hard that after hours of trying to surpass/beat a certain part of the story, I burned myself out. So I leave it alone, only to come back a few years later to try again and I finaly prevail. F-Zero GX, and Viewtiful Joe were some of those games.

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Most of the time I am simply not in mood to under take the task of starting one of my game backlog and dedicate enough time to finish the game in reasonable time frame. I don't to lose my focus on the story and gameplay because I waited a couple of weeks to play it next.

Unless you are very dedicated in finishing games I think it very easy to build a back log of games. As there's simply so much choices of worthwhile games to play out there on several generation of different consoles.

Does a collection count as a backlog?

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Time. And the reason why I keep on adding games to the backlog, is simple: once a game I want to play reaches the right price, I try to get it while it's still available at stores in my town, as under a certain price, if I don't get it there, ordering it later and having it shipped to me would cost more, due to shipping fees as free shipping is very rare for small purchases.

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Sales get me... I buy and play later when I have time

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Two main factors in my case are probably time and my own collecting habit. Say what you will, I love collecting games, even if I know I won't get to play them right away. That said, I by all my games with the intention to play them at some point, even if it won't be for awhile. For the time being, my backlog is about sixty-five games or so (that I haven't even started, I mean), which is actually an improved from the seventy-three that it was not so long ago. So, I am getting through it, albeit slowly.


menx64 said:

Just the other day I was talking to a coworker who was complaining about the huge PS3 backlog he has. Over the years it seems he bought pretty much all exclusives and third party games he could, only to keep them on a shelf. So when I asked him, why would you buy a game, if you know you are not going to play it? He only responded, well hype and some games are truly awesome experiences I would miss otherwise...

 That answer got my attention and brings me to a couple of questions...

Why do people buy games just not to play them?

I have a very small backlog, I have yet to beat fire emblem awakening and paper mario, but that's probably it. I have a lot of games and of course I like buying every amazing new games coming to my console of choice (WiiU and 3ds atm) but I always refrain from buying games unless I know I can dedicate the time beat it and have fun with it.

And the last bolded part brings me another question?

 With people buying so many games, are you really having fun with them?

Some people will disagree on this point with me, but one of the things I like from nintendo games is that there is usually a lot of replay value. Playing a game just to beat the final boss is not my idea of enjoying a game. Replay value is one the things I appreciate the most when it comes to games, hence why mario kart and smash are insta buys for me. Getting all your pokemons to level 100, trying to collect all the colectibles on DK or banjo, trying to get all the endings from chrono trigger, trying to beat pikmin without losing a single pikmin, getting all the supports on a fire emblem games... That's what beating a game means to me, taking the time to appreciate the game, with its flaws and all, but taking the time to play it and enjoy what I paid for. I admit though that not everybody has the patience, the time or simply they just do not care, but then again why would anyone buy a game if it is only going to be played twice or less? Why would you spent your money on something that you are not going to use or have fun with?

 **yeah, I know everybody is free to spend their well-earned money as they please, but hey I believe this make a bit of sense, no?**

I don't have backlogs on console games, but I do on the PC, big time. the biggest reason relates simply wanting the game, and more often then not its for some pre-order special, however of late I have been comitted to buying only what I will play and if its on sale.

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First off, just because a game is in my backlog doesn't mean I own it-- it just means I own it and mean to lay it or I mean to buy it and play it.

Secondly, I have little time for games these days. There are a lot of gams I want to play, just don't have time to play them all. My backlog is the biggest reason I'm not getting a PS4 or Xbox One right away.

Because Valve are assholes and keep putting games I want on sale quicker than i can play them ¬_¬

I buy games because I'm interested in them and want to play. I typically don't have nearly enough time to do that. Hence, I have hundreds of unplayed games.