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A wise man once said:

"Nintendo fans: Always depressed for no good reason. Sony fans: Always excited for no good reason."

Words of wisdom indeed. The best example that comes to mind for the purpose of this topic are the Wii U and Vita as a whole. While Nintendo fans are critical of the system itself as well as Nintendo, (most) Sony fans apparently couldn't be happier.

Why did Nintendo fans want to buy Wii Us? Primarily to play great Nintendo games, and perhaps whatever good third party games might hit the system. What happened? A lengthy Nintendo software drought. The reaction? Anger and disappointment, so people didn't hesitate to get their pitchforks ready and grill Nintendo for their pathetic execution.

Why did Sony fans want to buy Vitas? Powerful hardware, great third party support, first party games. What happened? Third party support is questionable and nowadays mostly comes from indie developers who don't push the hardware which in turn lets Vita's power go to waste; Sony's first party studios are focused on other systems. The reaction? Pretty much everything is right in the world and Sony is doing a good job with the Vita.

Now that's not to say that every single Nintendo and Sony fan reacted in the described manner, but the majority did. So I'll ask: Where's the positivity among Nintendo fans? Why can't we praise downloadable games as the second coming? Why can't we be happy about the little things we get instead of endlessly complaining about what we don't get? The Wii U already has so many good games to play, but for some reason we are entitled pricks who demand new exclusive content all the damn time.

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We understand the consequences of bad sales.

I agree. I have been thankful for the games that I have gotten on Wii U.

That is the materialist in most people though, always wanting more and nothing will ever be enough.

The Wii U is a fantastic system; it is so fun to play, and despite all of the hate towards it, I think it'll be a big success in the end.




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Guess you haven't visited John Lucas new thread, he has the Sony mentality in thinking that its the calm before the storm for the Wii U and many of the Nintendo faithful (~200 posts and growing) believe. I'm calling this a bluff.

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But people who have Vita say they are satisfied with the games coming. I mean I kinda hate handhelds (sorry but I do) so I have no opinion on either's library.

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As soon as I saw this was a Rol thread, I went straight to Quick Replay to post, "Once again people fail to understand the deep and meaningful subtext of the OP."

If the OP is actually not sarcastic in any way, then completely disregard this message.

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Wasn't it in fact you (might have been someone else) that said Nintendo fans have a deep desire to be loved, respected, on top blah blah blah?


Probably comes down to the hardware. Everyone with a Vita seems to love it (I don't have one so I don't know). The Wii U however I do have, and it's a bit on the disappointing side.

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Seece said:
Wasn't it in fact you (might have been someone else) that said Nintendo fans have a deep desire to be loved, respected, on top blah blah blah?

That's news to me. I don't think Nintendo fans deserve to be loved.