Former Epic Games president joins Remedy board of directors

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Alan Wake, Quantum Break studio adds Mike Capps and F-Secure president and CEO Christian Fredrikson to its board of directors.

Former Epic Games president Mike Capps has been appointed to the board of directors at Alan Wake and Quantum Break studio Remedy Entertainment, GamesIndustry International reports today. Joining Capps as a new member on the board is Finnish digital security firm F-Secure president and CEO Christian Fredrikson.

At Epic Games, Capps oversaw the company behind the popular Unreal Engine and the Gears of War franchise, among other initiatives. He stepped down from his executive role at Epic Games in December 2012 and left the company altogether in March.

"Like any team, I think a good board is a combination of different kinds of skill sets, and different kinds of strengths that really come together," Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne told GamesIndustry International. "That's the way, in my experience, the best teams work. Obviously Mike has a tremendous track record in the games industry. He's been very successful and has proven himself over and over again. On the other hand, I think it's also good to get Christian's outside perspective, challenging many of the conventions that we hold to, whether it's about building an organization, how you do your planning, or how you build your studio as a whole."

Myllyrinne said the industry is currently experiencing a period of high uncertainty and risk, but pointed out that Remedy Entertainment could benefit from the upheaval overall.

"For me at least, it feels like it is a golden age of gaming where the cards are being dealt again, and there's great opportunity to be a very successful independent studio once again," Myllyrinne said. "And I think it's about embracing some of that confluence of factors."

Remedy Entertainment is currently working on Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break for a 2014 release. According to its official description, the game "blurs the line between television and gameplay, integrating the two into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience."

Source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/former-epic-games-president-joins-remedy-board-of-directors-6414321

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This is good news.

I agree MS should add them to their team





They keep doing this and their first party is going to be EPIC! lol

Microsoft please buy remedy, i cant wait for quantum break

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They keep doing this and their first party is going to be EPIC! lol

i see what you did there