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Target Ticket expected to launch on October 1 through PC and Xbox, with app hoping to launch on every Internet-video device by end of 2014.

Retailer Target will launch its new Target Ticket streaming TV and movie service on October 1, according to a new report from Variety.

Users will be able to purchase or rent around 30,000 movie and TV titles through an assortment of devices, including PC, Mac, Xbox 360, iOS and Android devices, Roku set-top boxes, and Samsung connected TVs.

No mention was made of the Target Ticket app being available for Sony's PlayStation devices, though Variety notes that Target's intention is to release the service for every Internet-video device by the end of 2014.

According to the report, Target has signed deals with major films companies like Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Universal, and Lionsgate for content. TV networks signed up for the service include ABC, AMC, CBS, CW, FX, HBO, The WB, NBC, Showtime, Starz, and USA Network.

TV content will only be available for purchase, the report added.

Target Ticket aims to set itself apart from services like Netflix through support for early EST, including next-day TV episodes and movies before they become available on DVD. In addition, new Target Ticket users will receive 10 free movie downloads when they sign up and Target RedCard holders will receive 5 percent off all purchases.

Target Ticket does not carry a subscription fee, though Target divisional merchandise manager of entertainment Anne Stanchfield said this was considered. Ultimately, however, she said Target's own market research indicated users wanted the "newest content available," which is not available on subscription video-on-demand services like Netflix.

Microsoft announced in March 2012 that Xbox 360 users in the United States spend more time with non-gaming Xbox Live entertainment applications that they do playing multiplayer games over the service.


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All these streaming services just make me feel lethargic and not care about gaming and I just watch tv instead. I think that's their master plan all along!

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