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PredictSales said:
Falcon095 said:
PredictSales said:

GTA IV killed SSBB in one week.


 lol. So you really think it will sell more than SSBB?

LOLOLOL, I see you're a SSBB fan and you have that in signature - but face it, although I know it's hard - GTA IV sold more than SSBB in one week than like SSBB has done in its Lifetime to date.



 He's talking about single platform. SSBB is unlikely to outsell both GTAs combined, but almost guaranteed to outsell either version.

SSBB was before this week clocking in 45-50K/week, without Europe, after 21 weeks on the market.

GTA IV 360 sold 63K this week, after 8 weeks, out WW.

SSBB is,without a doubt, outlegging GTA IV 360. Heck, even without Europe it could have ended up outselling GTA 360!

It was 400K ahead before Europe, and they would probably have began selling equally after 5-6 more weeks, meaning that GTA IV 360 WW would never outsell SSBB Japan + America only. That's how much more SSBB is selling than either version.


Now for both GTA IV versions combined, Brawl isn't likely to get close.


That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS