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Amazed to see Spanish people supporting Tales of Xillia *·*

Far Cry 3??

Watch this space - counting down to the GOTG soon

pezus said:
Far Cry 3??

Yes, kinda of strange. There was a small price drop from 29,95 to 24,95 Euros, i suppose  positive word of mouth is keeping the sales alive.

wiiis still alive in spain?
while the 360 only have an pretty old digital game goes retail in the charts?
and two 18+ games in the top 5?

a little bit strange

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Wasn't this chart all about soccer last time we checked?

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Salnax said:
Wasn't this chart all about soccer last time we checked?

You clearly payed no atention to the last threads , there has been an alarming (and yet welcomed) lack on football games on the list as of late.

Of course that will change when Fifa 14 launches.

Not very surprised by the 2 first places, after all it's holidays and parents buy games to their kids to keep them busy.


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nice to see farcr3, TLoU and Red Dead Redemption charting

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Second month where animal crossing is the best selling game in spain so it was a complete success there

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Surprised to see Red Dead still selling O.O.