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The boxart is a bit blurry – we enlarged the image so that it could actually be seen. We’ll be getting a larger (and therefore clearer) image soon I imagine, but this will do for now.

One interesting note: Super Mario 3D World’s boxart has the Nintendo Network logo. I wonder what that means for the game…


25 things you didn't know about Super Mario 3D World (Okay maybe you knew some of them aye) - Source:

Woohoo. Here we go!

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Pretty generic...

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Looks good but a bit uninspired. Suits the game well.

The Last Starfighter

It looks okay, but it needs more Explosions!
and boobs, of course!

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Sweet! So stoked for this!

Mario VS Mario confirmed.

I hope the Nintendo network logo means something ;o...

for local play l0l.

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I bet the logo is a mistake.