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What system will you buy Arkham Origins for?

Wii U 187 60.13%
PS3 50 16.08%
XB360 14 4.50%
PC 19 6.11%
3DS 3 0.96%
Vita 6 1.93%
Wii U and 3DS 16 5.14%
Nintendo sucks 16 5.14%

Who here is going to purchase Arkham Origins for Wii U (for those that have a Wii U)?

If you have the system and like the Arkham series, then you should support third party releases on the system!
I know I am.


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I'll be getting it on PC - regardless if I had a WiiU or not.

@Poll - PC version

Edit - Not day 1 but 75% off!


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i own armored edition and i love the extra gamepad features. I'm downloading for Wii U day 1.

Wii U. But only if bat nipples.

Not even close to day one. Too many other games that I'd rather play first and the same gameplay for yet again so isn't going to be quite as good as the first time I played an Arkham game. By the time I'm interested price will probably be $20.

Anyways. I'm interested in trying the online out if it's like the Arkham games where it's Arkham style Batman/Robin gameplay while others are playing as the villains, so PS3..

With Arkham Origins Blackgate, I'm also waiting for a price drop, but I'm hoping for some comparison videos.  Warner Bros has a knack for porting the exact same version only upscaled for the Vita.  Has happened on more than one game.  So if the Vita version is the same as the 3DS version just upscaled, I'll get the 3DS version because of the 3D.  If the Vita version has better graphics though, I'll get the Vita version.

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The 3DS and Vita versions are different. It's the Double Bat-dragon version.

im actually interested in the portable ones, ive had my fill of the Arkham games and i dont see Origins being better than City(and im not a fan of prequel games). But the portables look different, depending on how it turns out ill get either 3ds or Vita, might get 3ds cause i havent really bought anything for it since LM DM

I have Armored Edition and I was not disapointed with it. I was planning on getting it on WiiU, but my brother decided to buy it on PS3 despite me saying that I wanted it on WiiU (my reason was purely to support 3rd party on wiiu). But I did'nt have much a of a case since the WiiU version doesn't have multiplayer and does'nt have the limited edition. So my brother preordered the limited edition on PS3 (wich is quite awsome)

But it's a relief for me to be honest since I have so many game to buy this october (WWHD, Sonic, PokémonX, Watchdogs)

PS: I'm getting Watchdogs on WiiU for the same reasons I wanted Arkham Origins.


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the WIi U version has no multiplayer but in its the defense it is cheaper than the other versions

Wii U and 3DS

Liking the 3DS's Metroidvania take on the series

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