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Thought you guys might be interested to know that a new user has appeared on gaf sporting the same avatar and username that J Allard uses on XBL.  He's been posting solely in the thread created to coincide with Majo Nelson's arrival on gaf, and the person's posts have implied intimate knowledge with the Xbox team. 

The account's most recent post was a blatant hint towards being J Allard, and Albert Penello is now treating the account as if it actually is J Allard.

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This would be very exciting if true!

Why was he banned?

Nsanity said:
Why was he banned?

Because it was fake.

So it's not the J himself?

Darnit, I just saw this thread and got a little excited.


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He's banned now.

I have my hopes that they'd put J. Allard in as CEO of Microsoft. The guy is an intelligent visionary.

He got the perma-ban hammer.


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clicked the link and he's banned...

Who's that?