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Will you help me?

no, write your own damn paper 17 85.00%
yes, I like to help and cookies 3 15.00%

Damn never thought of turning to the charts for help with studies lol

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the2real4mafol said:
Kasz216 said:
the2real4mafol said:

If they didn't lie, how come they couldn't find any WMD's in Iraq? They were there for long enough 

I can't believe you are asking this question...

It's ridiculiously simple.   Whether you are lying or telling the truth is not at all related to whether or not what you say is correct.

Example "

Mike: I saw john at the market today".

Mark: "You couldn't have he was with me all day, it must of been his twin brother Don."

Mike: "I didn't know he had a twin.


Mike wasn't lying there.   He was wrong, but he specifically said what he thought he saw.  Which is the truth.

To lie requires the knowledge of the falsities and the intent to deceive.


The intellegence presented came from an Iraqi defector who was specifically lying in an attempt to get the US to overthrow Saddam Hussein.