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As long as Pokemon doesn't release on iOS devices, Nintendo should be fine.

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2009 just called, they want their "Apple putting the final nail in Nintendo coffins" ignorance back.

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First there would need to be a coffin  in order to put a nail into tho. No coffin in sight maybe in 10 years.

Best part is the "nintendo lacks  streaming or cloud  thats why it sells so poorly"  especially because we have so many PS4 and X1 owners right now.... and because PS3 and 360 also have those 2 featuers  and thats the only reason those 2 consoles sell  right? right? RIGHT?! This guy comes from another universe where consoles dont sell because of games.

Nintendo ha pretty much put the last nail in the coffin for me since the n64

While Mario 64 and Zelda games where amazing, I missed a lot of awesome 3rd party games that I regret by not getting a psx, never again will you be my main console Nintendo.....never again!

As terrible as videogame media is, the media outside of videogames has no idea what they're about half the time. First, they failed to mention the real reason why Wii U has had a terrible year. It's not because people have "moved on". It's because of a combination of poor marketing and major game delays. Yes, that's the flaw of having a gaming-only console. People will only buy your product for the games and if the games aren't there, they won't buy it. I wonder why this idiot failed to mention that? Second, Apple has NO interest in gaming outside of what they've already done. Apple is not a content company. They are primarily a hardware company. Videogames if anything goes against Apple's emphasis of simplicity.

Nintendo is not in any major trouble. Despite how bad they were ding earlier this year, THEY STILL MANAGED TO MAKE MONEY! If a company can make money in these kinds of conditions, imagine what they could do with more prominent game releases and a better marketing strategy.

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This article is 100% true, it was a pleasure to meet you nintendo, time to say goodbye.

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MohammadBadir said:
if i had a dollar for eveytime someone said Nintendo will die and it didn't happen, i'd have enough money to buy Sony.


Yeah I don't understand.  I have seen way more Nintendo bashing and doom articles than anything in videogame journalism these days.  It is kind of annoying.


This story got posted on both of the Nntendo website that I frequent,

Tech bloggers love Apple, ignoring the fact that it is losing market share to Android (in fact it is no longer the market leader in handsets). Apple still leads in downloads but that advantage is shrinking. They also tout products which are thought to not have much of a market as major "game changers" (pardon the pun).


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"The last six years have been terrible for Nintendo's (NASDAQOTH: NTDOY ) shareholders...."

I stopped reading here. Falling share prices does not bring businesses down, losses do. Nintendo suffered losses for like half a second and now they're back in profit. The only way Apple are going to kill Nintendo is if they were to buy them out, but Nintendo appears to have too much honour to be bought unless they were actually in financial danger, as opposed to populous decline.

animegaming said:
dear god damn people still think apple is a major player in the games industry and will kill nintendo

Well they are :P The mobile games industry is an absolute beast, but it's a different area of gaming to what Nintendo deal in. It is, however, having an adverse effect on Nintendo's side of business, whether people want to admit it or not.