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New figures from SFG Research have placed Xbox 360 as North American market-leader through 2010, with Wii a distant third over the next four years. But it's a different story worldwide, where PS3 is predicted to lead by 2008. Tons of stats inside… Image In its new report, published today, the company outlines its predictions for next generation console sales. The North American figures show Xbox 360 maintaining a market lead through to the end of the decade, losing very little increments of market share year-on-year. Despite its fine start, SFG gives Wii no better than a 20% settle-down market-share between the three companies. It gives Xbox 360 no less than 44% through to the end of 2010. Worldwide stats (next page) also give Wii a settle-down of 20% with PS3 catching Xbox 360 by the end of this year, and over-taking in 2008. PS3 maintains its market-lead through 2010, taking small increments of share from Xbox 360. The cumulative NORTH AMERICAN sales for each platform are as follows: Xbox 360 2006: 6.0m 2007: 12.7m 2008: 19.5m 2009: 24.9m 2010: 29.4m PlayStation 3 2006: 0.5m 2007: 7.6m 2008: 13.8m 2009: 19.5m 2010: 24.2m Nintendo Wii 2006: 2.0m 2007: 5.3m 2008: 8.6m 2009: 11.4m 2010: 13.5m The cumulative WORLDWIDE sales for each platform are as follows: Sony PlayStation 3 2006: 1.0m 2007: 19.5m 2008: 35.5m 2009: 50m 2010: 62m Xbox 360 2006: 10m 2007: 20.5m 2008: 30.5m 2009: 39m 2010: 46m Nintendo Wii 2006: 4.0M 2007: 10.5m 2008: 16.5m 2009: 21.5m 2010: 25.0m

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