Forums - Gaming Discussion - How much % of your game collection is digital?

Just a simple question. I don't buy digital games myself, but I'm interested in how much of peoples' collections are digital.


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idk, i think i own over 500 retail games and only 1 digital game.

1% Only have free games I got digitally and a couple I bought.

More than id like, about 95% of my games are digital.

10% of my games are digital.

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If PC counts then I'd say a little more than 10% if it doesn't then less than 5%.

i have waaayy more digital games...i only own 4 physical games

About 50% of my games are digital. Most of them I got for free or on discounts. Most of the physical games I have are games I get day one on release.

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Good thread. I hate digital games yet I own some digital games. In ps3 all of my 50+ games are retail (including journey collectors edition or okami HD). But in my steam/origin account I have some digital games (around 20 games). Still nothing beats the retail copy.

The only digital games I have are the ones that aren't retail and the stuff I get from PS Plus. I tend to stick with physical copies most of the time.

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