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        My Top 10 most disappointing games of all time caused a bit of controversy so I figured out why not make a Top 10 that will cause even more controversy? This is the top 10 most overrated games of all time. Enjoy.

            #10- Sonic Adventure 2 ( Dreamcast-2001, GameCube-2002)

                 It's not a negative countdown if a Sonic  game doesn't appear in it, right? SA2 is NOT a bad game. It's not. I rated it a 8.1 which is a good score. However, I hate it how Sonic fanboys treat it like it is  a masterpiece when it is NOT. The first Sonic Adventure suffered from laughable animations, laughable  lip synching, mediocre camera and overall terrible cutscenes. Also, Big the Cat.  SA 2 is a better game in most aspects, but not a perfect game. The camera gets in the way A LOT. Also, the controls  still feel a bit  floaty when  doing certain jumps.  Yes, the camera and controls are improved, but still not that good.

                The Sonic and Shadow levels are LINEAR. REALLY LINEAR. Like holy shit. Imagine the crappy levels from Sonic 06 that are all speedy gameplay, but slightly improved. I hate linear game design. I don't hate the Sonic and Shadow levels, but a lot of them are just too damn linear. This is where the first Sonic Adventure is actually better than Adventure 2. Adventure wasn't really  an open world game, but it had plenty of room for exploration. SA2? Not that much. The Knuckles/ Rouge levels are OK. The radar is butchered, the camera still acts like an asshole and the levels  take FOREVER to finish. As far as the mech levels go, they are OK as well. The level design is really meh but blowing shit up is fun I guess. Overall, the game aged better than Sonic Adventure, but not the masterpiece a lot of Sonic fanboys claim it to be.

             #9- Pokemon (  Mostly Gen 4)

                  Again, I don't hate Pokemon, but I find it VERY overrated because lt's face it. The franchise sells a crapton and it doesn't really try to do anything new. Not the case with Pokemon X and Y which is the first one since Gold that tries to be different. Gen 4 felt lazy. I HATED gen 4. Besides HeartGold which is a remake of Gold with extra content and better graphics, Gen 4 was utter bullshit. Diamond, Pearl and Platinum all felt boring to me.  It had the first rival that I didn't give a shit about. Even May from Ruby was a decent rival. Barry from Diamond? Fuck him. The 4th gen also felt the least memorable out of all the 5 generations. I only remember the starters, their evolutions and 3 or 4 more Pokemon. Hooray...  It took them 3 generations, but we are finally getting a new Pokemon type.....

           #8- Halo 4 ( Xbox 360- 2012)

                   Yes, I went there. I am not a huuuuuuuuge Halo fanatic. I enjoyed  the original trilogy because they offered good gameplay ( both single player and multiplayer). So why is Halo 4 on this list? Sure, it has shiny graphics and good audio, but that is just not enough. The campaign was LACKLUSTER. I think Black Ops 2 had a better one if you can believe that. Halo 4's campaign was SHORT. Around 5 to 7 hours. I wasn't asking for a campaign that lasts 20+ hours, but 6 hours is just sad. I don't remember very well, but I think BO2 had a slightly longer campaign. *facepalm*  There is more! The campaign is also dull.  Hit a switch and then kill a bunch of monsters! The AI is not even  that good. You don't need  skill to finish Halo 4's lackluster campaign.  You don't.

                   You may wonder. Is the multiplayer any better?  No. They took a lot from Call of Duty. I mean A LOT. The CoD kill cam which is a worthless addition, the motherfucking instant respawn times, now everyone can sprint ( Yay), the scoring system and  perks. None of that shit needed to be in Halo. Halo was damn good the way it was before. I don't know why they felt like adding all that worthless shit. To cash off the CoD audience even more that's why. Ugh.

           #7- Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ( Ps3, PC, Xbox 360- 2009)  

                   Speaking of Call of Duty, here is a game that shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. The campaign wasn't anything bad. It was slightly enjoyable. Call of Duty 4's campaign felt better for whatever reason. Nostalgia??? What is that...... The plot is  OK I guess... There are some plotholes, but then again, that was MW2. It wasn't really known for the story. It was known for something MUCH worse.

                    The multiplayer. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. The multiplayer is ABYSMAL. The guns are overpowered as all hell. They kill MUCH faster than in Call of Duty 4. Guns in CoD4 felt more balanced. Campers are EVERYWHERE. I don't know how many fucking times I got snipped by someone standing near a window. That is fucking bullshit. Those are the same assholes that killed every CoD multiplayer after MW2. Stop camping and play like a real man, you fucking cunt. Deathstreaks are fucking annoying since they help the noobs who started playing  games in 2008. I heard that they are gone in Ghosts. Thank God. The lag is also  damn tiring  in a lot of the time. If  you have a crappy connection, then prepare yourself to get ass kicked a lot. Lag in MW2 is just terrible.  MW2's campaign was decent, but the multiplayer killed the damn game....... and the whole FPS genre for this matter. Thanks, Infinity Ward.

            #6- Grand Theft Auto IV ( Ps3, 360, PC- 2008) 

                   Oh my..... 98 on metacritic? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!! GTA4 is not a masterpiece.  The game has laughable lip synching, a shit ton of pop ins, a shitload of glitches, cars getting in walls for no damn reason and so on.  All of that is worth 98 on metacritic?  Nooooooo. The game also has more flaws. The hit detection is broken. A car comes to you, but it doesn't  even touch you. For some reason, the game reacts like the character got hit and the character gets knocked down. WTF?  That happens only like 10% of the time though. The  campaign feels repetitive.   Even the older GTA games as far as I remember had more to it. The campaign is just too repetitive. Escaping cops is just not that fun anymore. Let's not forget that the broken hit detection loves to  fuck around in the single player and the multiplayer as well.
                   The cover system is lackluster as well. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it allows  you to sneak  by smoothly, but then there are the times that it fucks me over for no damn reason. The game is full of glitches. A lot of them are funny, but then there are the glitches that make fuck you over. I HOPE GTA5 will just say game over to glitches, terrible hit detection, laughable lip synching and problems like that.

            #5- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ( Wii, gameCube-2006)
                Can anybody fucking tell me how the FUCK does this game have a 95/96 on meatcritic? HOW?!! The only reason this game was created was to please the fanboys that cried because WW was childish.... Wow....... Really? It explains why this game feels like a quick cash in. The wolf transformation??? Yeah.... That is not too cool.... The whole  setting is way too dark and full of brown. The game  feels soulless. After a game like Wind Waker that had a world full of life, playing something like TP is just depressing. I felt depressed the first time playing TP. VERY. Now I  kinda got used to the  shit brown style, but I still  kinda hate it. Link also feels soulless.  Even in Ocarina of Time Link wasn't a frickin soulless bastard. In TP, he is just that. In WW, he was happy, silly and always doing silly shit.

                In TP, he always feels depressed and I rarely see him happy. It is a darker Ocarina of Time........ without the great exploration, sidequests and stuff. This is my main problem with TP with the exception of the crappy direction. In TP, there is almost nothing to explore. The maps feel empty. There are the obvious rupees chests, but really, putting a few obvious chests with rupees is not really something good. It is VERY linear. You are forced to go where the damn game tells you because the other places are blocked.  You wanna explore? Fuck you! The dungeons are not bad and the bosses are pretty good, but the lack of exploration just makes me say "Fuck Twilight Princess. Let's play  some  Majora Mask!"
              Also, I hate the lack of any rewarding sidequests. There are barely any sidequests in TP. The sidequests that are there fucking suck. The bug collecting quest becomes boring really quick and the Magic Armor makes you invincible in a game where you don't need to be invincible! I want to be invincible in Battletoads, not Twilight Princess! Get your shit together.

           #4- Fable ( Xbox- 2004, PC- 2005)

              I think this is the most obvious  one out of all the games I listed so far. What an overhyped monster. Typical Peter Molyneux game. I will keep  it short since I have bigger plans for the number 3 spot. Fable looks beautiful. I am not going to lie about the graphics. They look beautiful. However, this game is just a borefest.  There was no thought put into Fable's combat. Just keep mashing that fucking button! You will eventually beat the monster. This is like an early version of Final Hallway 13. The monsters are not that smart anyway. Most of the time you will be pissed at how linear the game it is. You really won't care about the lame AI of the monsters or the lackluster combat.

             Molyneux once claimed that Fable was going to be an open world game. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuull shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Fable is  linear. VERY linear. There is almost no room for exploration. You can not even explore the parts that you want to. Open world game? Fable is just as much of an open world game as Twilight Princess. Which means it's not really open world. Other than that,  the story and charatcers are forgettable and fuck Molyneux for hyping this  damn game.

            #3- Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ( PS3, PC, 360-2011)
            Another overhyped monster. Except much worse. I am not going to attack the game's graphics because that would be just too easy. The dual wielding system works ( as it should) , but it is really simplistic and not really rewarding. The killcams are fucking worthless and they serve no damn purpose whatsoever. The sword play is not any better either.  The AI is just bad. You will most likely never get hit in damn game. It's not like in Skyward Sword where you need to use your damn brain. This is mindless hack and slash. Jumping is broken since I don't jump on top of things, I jump into things? What the holy flying spaghetti monster is all that shit about, son? Really. The game also has some crappy designed quests  which resemble a MMO.

             While I like the overworld and being able to explore the huge world or just stare at the damn water with the  settings set  at max because I love to brag  about my powerful PC ( not really), I  don't really like the dungeons. The dungeons are basically narrow corridors ( GASP) without any kind of substance or challenge. Again referencing Skyward Sword. You know, a game where the dungeons actually try to challenge your skills.  Yeah, that's how a dungeon should be done. SS didn't allow you to explore  a huge openworld which is one of the things I don't like about the game, but at least it tests your skills with smart monsters and good dungeons. Something Skyrim fails to do.

           Last, but not least, the game is a fucking glitchfest. I am not fucking joking. Every time I play I discover a new glitch. Glitches in video games are not always bad, but this is just fucking ridiculous. All in all, Skyrim is not a bad game. It has an amazing open world to explore and the glitches will make you laugh, buuuuutttttttttttttt that's all about it.

           #2- Super Smash Bros Brawl ( Wii-2008)

             The amount of hype this game had......... It's NOT a bad game. I rated it a 7.1 which is a decent score. I don't WANT to be one of the Melee elitists, but........ Brawl's gameplay is watered down. It is. The new art style is hit and miss. it looks great on characters like Donkey Kong, but then characters like Mario are fucked over by this art style. In Melee, Mario was pretty colorful and he wasn't lifeless. Look at Mario in Brawl. He looks like he recieved the worst blowjob of his whole life. He looks depressed as fuck. Just like Link. At least Link is depressed because TP's Link was sad, but what the fuck is Mario's excuse? There is none! The soundtrack is badass. Better than Melee's. There is no fucking debate here. The main theme is one of my all time favorite video game tunes.  It was my ringtone for 3  years from 2008 to 2011. That's how awesome it was.

            Now, you may wonder, why is Brawl's gameplay lackluster? First of all, the game was slowed down a LOT. it feels like I am playing a slow motion Melee. Ok, maybe not  THAT bad, but still not to the level of Melee. Using the excuse of " ZOMG! TEH GAEM WAS MADE  FOR THEM CASUALS!!11" gets really old.  People also love to use the same shitty excuse for Mario Kart Wii. Just stop it. The removal of wavedash doesn't bother me THAT much, but removing L-cancelling and giving us a crappier dash dance does bother a fucking lot. Those moves added a lot of depth to Melee and them being gone/ watered down in Brawl is a huge shame.  Hitsun is a joke in this game so doing real combos in this is almost impossible. It feels watered down. Also, tripping and grabbing the ledge backwards are stupid features that serve no puropse whatsoever.

            What kind of drugs was Sakurai smoking when he came up with those terrible ideas..... Really... The Subspace Emissary serves no purpose, but to showcase the characters. That's it. The stages in that mode aren't even that memorable. The mode is there just to showcase the characters to the casual gamer that started with Call of Duty or Wii Sports. Hooray.. Last thing I wanna mention is the online. THE ONLINE IS A FUCKING DISASTER. Since 2012 or so, I could barely find anyone  playing Brawl online ( maybe they were busy with PlayStation All Stars) and when I do find someone, it's most likely someone with Meta fucking Knight ready to spam the sword in slow motion! No joking. The lag  just kills the fucking online. Brawl is a decent PARTY game, but as a Smash Bros game it falls right on its face..... If it has one.

            #1- FINAL FANTASY VII (PSX-1997)

                 Picking FF8 would have been way too easy. I like FF9. FF10 already appeared on the last list. FF12 would have been way too easy. Final Hallway 13 already made it on my list. FF7 remains. I DON'T HATE THIS GAME. I DON'T. In fact, I think this is the game I enjoy out of all those games with the exception of Adevnture 2. I am being honest. HOWEVER, when I see people saying this is the best FF game, let alone the best RPG ever made, I get really angry. I will explain why I get angry.

                FF7 may be the first JRPG a lot of you guys ever played.  My first JRPG was Final Fantasy 9 which shits all over FF7, but I will leave that for another time. I am not a huge fan of the characters in FF7. I disliked Tidus and hated Lighting, so what do I think of Cloud? He is kinda boring. He is a bit emo  and he has a long ass sword which means that he must be "teh best charactar evar!!!!1111"... Umm, no..... Just no... Then there is Tifa..... She has the big boobs............. That's all I remember about her... Sorry!  Also, SEPHIROTH IS NOT the best villan in the series. He is simply not. Look at Kefka from  Final Fantasy VI. That crazy ass motherfucker ends the damn world half way through the game. Also, FF7's graphics aged as well as a box full of puke and  dog shit.  They didn't. Just look at the model of Cloud. Those are BAD graphics. Sonic Adventure's graphics aged better for fuck's sake. Even the FMV cutscenes look God-awful. Holy crap....

              I can not say anything  really bad about FF7 gameplay wise since there is not much to say. It's fun, but there were the RTS sections that just sucked. Really, why the fuck is that even a part of the game I would never know... Oh and materia system was executed better in FF5. In FF5 I felt there was more progression... Story wise, FF7 is lackluster. Just like the characters, the story is kinda forgettable. VERY uninspired. There was that ONE time Cloud was becoming an insane bastard and.......... that was all..... If I had to rate FF7, it would be a 7.8/10. Final Fantasy 7 is a good game with good gameplay and an awesome soundtrack that is overshadowed by a mediocre cast of characters, a forgettable villan, worthless RTS sections and bat-shit ugly graphics.



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Only ones I agree with are #9 and #6 *_*

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I dont agree with any of them, but i guess theyre your opinions so ill respect them.

Well I agree with #6...

I never knew that Sonic Adventures 2 was highly rated to begin with so putting it in a top 10 list of most overrated games is a bit of a stretch. Otherwise the list is pretty decent.

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I agree with Skyrim ,halo and cod. Elder scrolls is one of the most overrated franchises, in history imo. Fable i don't agree with , isn't it common knowledge that has always been terrible?

I agree with 6-8.... that's it.

Some of them weren't particularly highly rated to begin with.

nice list but I disagree with 10, 5 and 1

I invested a lot of time in the chao garden section of Sonic Adventure 2

I would argue that Ocarina Of Time is the overrated Zelda if anything

I don't think there is a JRPG in existence that shits all over FF7. Graphics maybe?

*cracks knuckles* you motherfuckers are going to stop going at my Final Fantasy 7 like this

Pokemon is something I don't really understand. I mean, it's not that I dislike Pokemon, just that I don't understand why it's still so popular at this point. I look at it in much the same light as I do Madden or CoD. It's a game that people re-buy because it's comfortable.

I'll agree with FF7, as well, when measured from an objective standpoint. Subjectively, it's one of the most important games ever made. This is the game that literally made me and many other people switch from Nintendo to Playstation. However, I will always consider it a step down from FF6. I will always think of it as the game that took Final Fantasy down a lesser path. The story is a mess and Cloud is really lame as far as RPG protagonists go. Relative to most RPG criteria, it really wasn't all that great. I very much disagree with you about Tifa, though. She held the game together in the second half and made a very compelling character with her contrasts of strength and insecurity. I still think giving the confident girl (Aerith) the long, demure dress, and the unsure, conflicted girl the sexy outfit was a brilliant, stereotype breaking design choice.

As for Grand Theft Auto, I've never cared for any of them.

I agree with GTA, Skyrim ,Halo and Elder scrolls.
i agree with Zelda TP too, but the reason is totally diferent.