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I pre ordered the game on steam for the extra factions, and i am currently downloading it. I am planning to start a campaign as sparta. Even though the game is getting mixed views saying it has terrible AI and such i can't wait to play. Also the selucid empire is going to come out soon as dlc, my favorite faction at last :). 

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i love the total war series, but i was real let down when i saw metacritic reviews from users. lots of bugs and optimization issues. i might wait for a few patches. money is tight and decisions must be made.


Picked it up yesterday, loving it so far.

I think my roommate did. However, I'm not a fan of strategy games.

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      I will wait til it gets fixed.. After seeing Angry Joe's videos on it.... I am not that happy.

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I love Rome total war.

I was going to pick it up in 6 months at first - when it was patched. But the reviews might strech that into never.

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Rome: Total War is awesome, imo probably the best strategy game ever made. Rome II looks amazing as well. I'm going to get it one of these days.

I will. Later this year.

I will be getting it for sure! But not right now... sadly, there seems to be a shit ton a glitches they need to sort out first. Any one who's played it here? What'd ya think? And honestly... I'm a little surprised by the metacritics...!!

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the game is broken right now, just like empire was at release will wait a few months

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