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Steam Survey: Most PC Gamers Have Weaker PCs Than PS4, Xbox One

Author: William Usher
published: 2013-09-04 13:05:02
Valve released a new survey for August detailing who is using what and how much. While a lot of the numbers aren't very surprising, the majority of the 50 million or so users of Steam seem to be slightly underpowered compared to what the next-gen consoles will be packing. Thus, the PC Master Race has shed a tear. 

Blues spotted the hardware survey of August on Steam's site, giving a visual breakdown of the numerical values for the average Steam user's PC. The survey is optional so everyone who partook willingly did so, there was no Origin PC scanning going on like a certain other digital distribution portal I just named. 

So what do the stats say? How do they stack up and why are so many PC gamers not really exhibiting the qualities of a Gaming Master Race? Well, most gamers have the OS potential to ramp up on par to the PS4 or Xbox One, both of which contain 8GB of RAM (the PS4 is rocking shared GDDR5 and the Xbox One houses DDR3). 54.08% of PC gamers are using a Windows 7 64-Bit OS, which enables users to house more than 4GB of RAM. From there, the 64-bit version of Windows 8 came in second with 14.58% of the Steam share, followed by Windows 7 (standard), Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista and then Windows 8 (standard). 

Heck, even Steam gamers aren't all that fond of the newest Windows OS, just like Microsoft isn't all that fond of it either

With all that said about the operating systems above, majority of Steam users admitted to having about 8GB of RAM. While that might seem like they're on par to the home consoles, sadly many admit to only having a system that houses 1GB of VRAM... so, if the Wii U had an emulator, most Steam users wouldn't be able to run any Wii U games with their video cards. Heck, you know it's bad when Nintendo can laugh and claim to have better hardware than you. Tsk, tsk. 

Speaking of video cards... majority of Steam users are rocking DirectX 11 GPUs. In fact, 64.78% have a DX11 GPU while only 29.4% have a DX10 GPU and only 1.75% have a DX9 GPU. So yeah, majority of Steam users have an equivalent GPU to what's in the Xbox One and PS4. Also, majority of users prefer Nvidia over everyone else, 52.38% to be exact. AMD came in second with 33.08% usage rates and Intel and their pathetic integrated graphics processing units that aren't good enough to display the shaders used to render the shine on Jabba the Hutt's arse, came in third with 14.18% of the pie. 

Also, sadly, 47.34% of Steam users are only rocking dual-core CPUs with 73.6% favoring Intel and 21.50% maintaining between 2.3 and 2.69ghz processors. This is definitely a step behind the Jaguar architecture in the PS4 and Xbox One. However, at least 44.24% of Steam users are housing quad-core processors in their machines. It makes up for the poor folk with dual-cores in their machines. The latter would be like living in Texas and only carrying around a Smith & Wesson 317 .22 while everyone else has a .45 Magnum. It's also like a scrawny teenager going into a locker room with pro-football athletes on a 'roid binge. Inadequacy at its finest. 

On the up and up, at least majority of PC gamers have what most console gamers envy: 1080p resolution. That's right, the most popular resolution (and continually gaining popularity at an adoption rate of 0.56% per month) is 1920x1080p, with 32.30% of the pie. Majority of gamers also have hard drive space between 250 and 500 GB. Not bad. 

I'm curious what the Steam survey will look like in November, when the PC Master Race will be duly challenged for supremacy and the time to evolve and answer the call of the thrown gauntlet will commence? We shall see. 

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I'm running two 5750's in crossfire, 9 GB of ram, and an intel i7 2.67 ghz.anybody know what that might compare too?


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Uh-oh, some PC people are not going to be happy about this!




Results arent that surprising.

Majority of people I know dont even play heavy games (majority of the people I know play DOTA2 all day - some have 1.5k to 2k hours).


Anyways, glad I have a 2GB vRAM gfx card :P

My CPU is a bit weak - Quad Core with 2.8 GHz but I'll upgrade it eventually.

My RAM is 6GB but I'm thinking about upgrading it sometime in the future before my CPU.

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My pc is about equal in power according to my brother. Of course, I'm still yet to build it. It's in pieces!

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This is not surprising. Lots of people play on seriously outdated stuff.

Mine is leagues better than the next gen consoles (tho my CPU is a bit outdated, a i7 920 @ 2.6 GHz from 2009).

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" Intel and their pathetic integrated graphics processing units that aren't good enough to display the shaders used to render the shine on Jabba the Hutt's arse, came in third with 14.18% of the pie."


I remember gaming on an Intel HD Graphics 3000 video card...Never again.

The article doesn't really match your headline. It should say CPUs as according to the article 64% have DX11 graphics cards. around 35% have more RAM but that's system RAM alone and doesn't include GPU RAM.
Seems the article was written with a specific agenda in mind and only shows the data that supports their view while skipping over anything that doesn't. Out of 50 million users a good portion are ahead of next gen console in just about every area but CPU.

That was a pretty bad article. It tried to play on the "Master Race" stereotype, which is now far from being the norm for a PC gamer. The average PC gamer now is just a regular person who bought a system from Best Buy or Dell and likely also owns a home console. The divide really isn't what it used to be.

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And here is the truth. Most of PC gamers act they have gtx titan and insult console gamers. But we knew what is the truth. My sig becomes more funny. Ha ha ha.