Forums - Gaming Discussion - Colin Moriarty (from IGN) Thinks PS4 pre orders Will Outsell WiiU 1st Month Sales!

EDIT: I Made a miscalculation, Colin said he thinks PS4 pre orders outsell WiiU's First Month of sales!

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I was watching Game Scoop on IGN, and out of the four guys speaking their minds on X1's Release date and how it will fair on PS4, Mr Colin Moriarty has stated he thinks PS4 will outsell WiiU within a month on the market, A Month!!!

To You That Dont Know who he is, This guy made a Huge Biased Article Agaisnt the 3DS, and Practically called it a Failure. Its actually one of the funniest articles i ever read...

Here is a link...
The PlayStation Vita Is Set to Succeed⇒ (Try not to laugh so hard!)

Back to business, this is a huge Insult to nintendo >:( This guy apparently never learns! He looked like a complete idiot after calling 3DS a failure, now he thinks ps4 will outsell wiiu within a month.

Yes PS4 willl most likely outsell WiiU in 2014, but in a single Month?

Anybody that agrees to this man post why. Cuz to me i dont know how PS4 will sell more than 4mil before christmas???

Here is the youtube video, forward it to 4:25 to see his opinion!!!


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Maybe he means NPD only.

It will be close.

My prediction is close to 5 million PS4 sold in 2013.

inb4 vita article reference

I thought it already outsold the Wii U.

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Yeah, I've learned not to listen to Colin.

Max King of the Wild said:
Maybe he means NPD only.

i think he means global, they are talking WW releases

ethomaz said:
It will be close.

My prediction is close to 5 million PS4 sold in 2013.

So close, your name was going to be posted in the OP! I got it ready for Certain People

i think he meant that ps4 pre-orders alone will be higher as wii u's sales in it's first month(s). 

"pr4 pre-orders alone will outsell wii u in it's first month"

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Wasn't the Wii U the biggest launch ever? I think the PS4 will beat the Wii U's launch but not outsell Wii U LTD until 2014

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