The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD ~ Wii U/GCN Comparison Video and More!

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GCN/Wii U Comparison Video:

Instructional Video:

Thoughts? Comments? I think the game is shaping up to be fantastic. I was honestly blown away when I saw the area outside the Tower of the Gods. Simply gorgeous.

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This is one of the reasons I'll be picking a WiiU up, just not quite yet, but it looks great, I'll admit I never played Windwaker, well, I did, but only on an emulator, and for the first two hours or so, so I didn't see or do much...

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Glad they adjusted the bloom. Now the game looks great.

This is gonna be my first Wii U game. It's my favourite 3D Zelda.

I'm doing my best not to play it again on Dolphin.

can't wait anymore, pre-ordered the Ganondorf version^^

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I really like what they've done with this remake. It looks fantastic.

I have a copy of Wind Waker in my drawer that I borrowed from a friend about 8 years ago. Never got around to playing it (it was one of those copies that had a version of Ocarina of Time/Master Quest included too). Try as I might, I just cannot get into the Zelda series. Ocarina was alright but dated; Twilight Princess bored me to tears. Maybe something stylistically different like this is what I need.

And I'll finally be able to give my friend back his game!

What's impressed me the most thus far is the removal of the Depth of Field filter from the GCN version. The HD version is so much more scenic and vast compared to the original.

And the lighting is fantastic as well. In the comparison video when Link is hiding from the Moblin, it's just very impressive.


Going to pre order the Special Edition tonight. Couldn't resist the figurine. :3

Stupid WiiU version!

Now the GC version looks dated.

It sure does look nice... any news about that "hero mode"? Wind Waker was way too easy and I won't play through it on normal difficulty again.

That second video is what won me. Are they adding anything extra? Difficulties or areas or anything like Pilotwings 3DS got. I just know critics will or possibly will give it a smaller score if it is more or less the same besides the visuals.

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