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Haha guys. Well, we love the setting, we love the gorgeous visuals and some of us knew the combat would be fine. ;)

But yes the combat system looks awesome. Really really well thought out. The best thing I took from this vi doc was that all animations link together with any move. Its designed so the player creates the combos as they go. Unlike normal games ( DMC or GOW ) for example that have preset combos. 

Game looks awesome, gory and should be one hell of a combat ride. Cannot wait for this game after this vi doc.

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I had a little doubt after the multi-player article on IGN but now I'm sold after this video.
Nice combos, visuals and game mechanics overall.

Do you have fun playing a console different than mine?


Ign said the camera and controls sucked, so I'm not holding my breath

Certainly looks very nice (despite a few obvious remaining graphical bugs)... but I will need to try it first.

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Lyrikalstylez said:
Ign said the camera and controls sucked, so I'm not holding my breath

On the old build multiplayer? Yea they did. But they also the singleplayer was completely different. They said the camera and combat in single player was really really good. In fact telling everyone there was nothing to worry about at all.


Plenty of time to fix small multiplayer issues.

If the singleplayer is great, Im sure the fianl build multiplayer will be to.

So thanks IGN. I am positive my purchase is warranted.

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That looked excellent! I honestly love the heavy cinematic aspect of the game.

Single-player gameplay looks substantially better than MP.

Still not likely to pick up this game, though, at least not for a good long while. Too low on the priority list.

The SP looks stunning graphically. I can't say the same about the combat until I play it myself. I expect the story to be interesting with excellent dialog and cinematic presentation.

Wow. This looks lot better than what I'd previously seen. I'm impressed, if not entirely convinced.

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I just saw this in the other big XB thread. I have to say that this video went a long way in winning me completely over. I guess I don't really have to worry because I wouldn't get this game for multipalyer. I just want a halfway decent story, the setting is what I really want to experience. It doesn't hurt that it looks so good too. Definitely feeling way better about this game, the combat looked great in this vid.

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