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I was a player in the predicion leagues but I've stopped for a number of reasons. First off the leagues are not very consistent, new rounds seem to open up on a random day each week and often we only get a couple days to enter. Some rounds have also closed earlier than posted or days later penalizing those who wait until the final posted date and those who do not visit this site 24/7. Sometimes the posted closing date also changes without notice and if you miss one round you'll never be able to climb to the top of the charts.

Also, there are now 30 predictions we have to make every week not counting the quarterly, yearly and ridiculous ultimate prediction rounds, which are all very time consuming especially if you're actually trying to use vgchartz data to make your predictions and not just dreaming up some numbers. It's also difficult when vgchartz data is for some reason unavailable maybe due to upgrades on this site.

Lastly I realized that I was only playing against 10-15 other hardcore players, it may be because of all the problems or because many lower ranked players will never have a chance to catch up the way this game is set up but many have already given up. So basically there was little chance for me to move past #4 in the ranks unless the 3 people ahead of me also missed a round and although I could have coasted in the top ten for a long time by merely punching in reasonable numbers into the forms, why bother? This game seems to reward attendance first and prediction skill second.

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Well for me the Prediction league is a good feature for this site. I have just started to participate in the last few round and I'm pretty sure that I will never be able to reach the best player, but I just saw the new ranking system with the total of player and I'm happy with it.

 If you want to improve the system to give a fair chance to everyone I have an idea. You could write the total number of participation of each player with an average of these round.

 Exemple : I have played 4 round. My result :   85.47%, 48.43%, 83.20%, 62.18%

My average would be 69.82%.

 You could keep the total point system and add a new ranking with these average. With that even a new player could reach the best player in no time.


PS : this is my first post here and my first language is not english so I'm sorry for my mistakes.