Mario 64 wasnt the first true 3D platformer...Sony did it first

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I lol'd

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I'm not gonna go and say Jumping Jack Flash and it's sequel were bad games. They weren't. But to be completely honest, the PS1 had a pretty "blah" lineup at first. The Saturn had FAR more going on, with Bug, Virtua Fighter, Panzer Dragoon, Clockwork Knight, etc. The best thing PS1 had early on was Tekken. It wasn't until PS1 started getting stuff like Symphony of the Night, FFVII and Metal Gear Solid, from 1997 onward,that it really took off. Saturn was actually a pretty hot item when it first launched, as was the N64. But Mario 64 really sealed the deal early on for the N64. It alone made people want to buy the system. It helped that the N64 was also the first 4 player (out of the box) console, so it was the king of multiplayer that gen.

But while Sega and Sony had their own attempts during the same time period at 3D rivals, those being Nights and Crash Bandicoot, both of which were excellent games for their time, Mario 64 was, again, the only one that was TRULY 3D, and it was just doing things that were so far advanced that nothing else could really keep up for many years.

Does the topic creator not know his history very well. There were SEVERAL 3D platformers that preceded Super Mario 64. The difference is Super Mario 64 was the most technically sophisticated platformer when it was released and it created a lasting formula that the entire industry borrowed from. The other games before it did not. Besides, it's not like one person or one company had the idea and everybody else just ripped off that idea. Is it no coincidence that Super Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot, and the ill-fated Sonic X-treme were in development around the same time? It was a race and while Nintendo wasn't first, they still won that race (not the console war mind you).

It reminds me of people who say Resident Evil was the first survival horror game. It wasn't. It's just the most recognizable because it was the first to revolutionize the genre. Although in Resident Evil's fairness, Capcom did coin the term survival horror even though that type of game has existed since Haunted House on the Atari 2600.

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Jumping Flash! is both the first videogame I ever played (it was on the Demo 1 disk that came with our original PlayStation) and the first videogame I ever bought (we went to Toys R Us later that day to buy it because I loved the demo so much).

It has a special place in my heart.

That's all I have to add to this topic.

Ssliasil said:

I'm going to guess that very few of you remember this, but when the PS1 launched, it launched with a demo disc in every box that included this old gem in 1995.

Jumping Flash!

It's been a very long time since I've seen anything of this game, but I do remember it from when i was quite young, good times :)


Geograph Seal was the very first 3D platformer and was made by the same people who made Jumping Flash and was released on the X68000 in 1994... Its amazing what alittle bit of Google searching can do huh! I fail to see what Sony has to do with any of this though because they didnt create either game? Also as most have said Super Mario 64 was never credited as the first 3D platformer just as the first one done right because back when it was released it was amazing (still is!) and everyone took notice.

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Someone already posted the Alpha Waves video  :(

Nintendo is rarely, if ever, the first at anything, and I don't think many are still under any of those delusions anymore.

Instead, Super Mario 64 is simply noteworthy for the camera, and just being an all around amazing game.

That said, I can definitely see a lot of Jumping Flash was incorporated into SM64.

Mario 64 isn't credited for being the first 3D platformer, that goes to Alpha Waves I believe.

Mario 64 is credited for being a revolutionary video game that inspired many games that came after.

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Never heard of the game. But Mario 64 is my game of all time !

well since sony worked very closely with nintendo this is no surprise and the n64 got delayed several times

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