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Sony has not announced any fighting games for launch! While I'm not the biggest fan of fighting games the game I find myself most regularly playing is Teken Revolution as of late. 

XONE has Killer Instinct coming out at launch (a game I'm not interested in at all, but still should be fun for those who like those type of games) There are also rumors of other fighting games being exclusive or currently only being announced on X1. So will X1 end up being the fighter gamers choice for next gen?

I do like fighting games, but I do not like the current trend in fighting games as it is to surreal and easily cheesed. 

If sony doesn't announce a fighting game soon will it hurt their next gen sales?

Talal said:
I will permaban myself if the game releases in 2014.

in reference to KH3 release date

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they need playstation all stars 2

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I don't think it will hurt them at all, not every genre can be available as a launch title, obviously they are gonna miss a few.

they should bring back Rival Schools

Capcom is sure to bring at least a bazillion fighters to PS4 eventually, the console hasn't even launched yet, and with its current mass hype I really doubt sales will be impacted even slightly.

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PS4 gamers are going to be fighting on online forums anyways.

snyps said:
they* should bring back Rival Schools


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bananaking21 said:
they need playstation all stars 2

You were probably being sarcastic but nothing would make me happier.  Too bad it will probably never happen, stupid playstation community not embracing the game.


OT: I do love fighters, they normally are fairly good games for showing off graphic ability of new consoles.   EA UFC game looks amazing but thats a different type of fighter.


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You mean an exclusive? I doubt it.

I have a feeling we'll see a Marvel VS Capcom 3 update....next gen.

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I think the lack of a new Riiiiiddggge Raaaaaccceeerrr on both systems is more worrying


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