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Which version do you have or gonna get?

PS3 8 53.33%
Xbox360 1 6.67%
PC 3 20.00%
Vita 1 6.67%
Mobiles (Ouya?, iOS, Android) 2 13.33%

I hope this is the right section.

Telltale's The Walking Dead is making its way to Ouya in 2013. The full first season, along with the self-contained 400 Days add-on chapter featuring five different stories, will make its debut on Ouya later this year.

The first episode of The Walking Dead's first season will be free for all Ouya owners to download. The second season, which is set to launch this fall, has also been confirmed for Ouya. Not much is known about the second season, though Telltale Games has confirmed that Clementine will return.

Source: http://www.joystiq.com/2013/08/27/the-walking-dead-migrates-to-ouya-this-winter/


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Seems appropriate.

From re-reading the OP....all the other episodes of Season 1 will have to be paid to play?

Whoa - I can see this version being a hot seller!


@Poll - I have the PC version, still need to get the 400 Days DLC - put a hold on to the game till I get the DLC, was gonna play it next :(.


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I would call it GIGATON, this is sure to help the ouya.

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badgenome said:
Seems appropriate.

fuck! lmao


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The only thing is, I just hope for the mad Ouya owners that they actually put some work into getting it to work

I played the disc based PS3 version and there are various parts that are bordering on unplayable (particularly episode 2)

But I also don't think that this game is actually that good, I feel it is massively over-rated, but people really like it for some reason

Ouya is only 99 dollars? I sort of want one.

Where do u get one and games?

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spurgeonryan said:
Ouya is only 99 dollars? I sort of want one.

Where do u get one and games?

Here's a review


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Where is BloodyRain when you need him lol


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Was thinking the Same^^