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Nintendo’s new Jam With the Band game for Nintendo 3DS (or Daigasso Band Bros. as the series is called in Japan), is being developed by Fire Emblem developer Intelligent Systems.

Today, Nintendo erected a teaser website for Band Bros. P, which lists Intelligent Systems as its developer and also mentions that the game is “powered by Vocaloid,” the synthesizer software used to compose Vocaloid music for virtual pop-stars like Hatsune Miku.

We’ve actually detailed how exactly the Vocaloid software is involved in the past. Band Bros. P can use the Nintendo 3DS camera to take a picture, and the microphone to record your voice, then and produce an in-game Vocaloid for you.

We’ll have more information on Band Bros. P as it is made available. On that note, it certainly looks like Intelligent Systems are keeping busy. In the last two years, they’ve been involved with Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pushmo, Crashmo, Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Game & Wario.


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ARG! Intelligent System, go back to Paper Mario already! You have to make one that beats The Thousand-Year Door!!!!


Still, if one developer is suited for a creative job such as making a compelling music game for Nintendo, it's them.

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How much dev-resources has Intelligent?

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Jam with the Band on the DS was pretty good, this needs to get localised. I'm sure I can count on Shibata to pull through for Europe. America on the other hand don't have chance of getting this.

I've never thought of Intelligent System as a big dev. but they produce so many (good) games in a short while that I'm starting to wonder if they actually have a rather large staff.

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Advance Wars? :(

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Chandler said:
Advance Wars? :(


Advance Wars 3DS, even if it's only for eShop. Plllllllease.

Hynad said:

ARG! Intelligent System, go back to Paper Mario already! You have to make one that beats The Thousand-Year Door!!!!

They tried recently. I'm okay with them taking a long break and a lengthy, in-depth post-mortem.

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Mnementh said:
How much dev-resources has Intelligent?

I dunno what dev resources are, but they have 120 to 130 people working there. Considering how they recently finished Game & Wario and Paper Mario 4 and are confirmed to be working on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and now this, that's probably stretching their resources to the limit.

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