First in game shots of New Yakuza!

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PS4 Version=?

is this the samurai game i always wanted ? please be good !


Looks really good

Too bad there's no western release...

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Surely this means it's a PS4 game. No way they'd redo the engine for a PS3 title at the end of the generation.

The big question is whether this will receive a western release, especially since Kenzan never got one, as well as western fans still waiting for Yakuza 5.

Some more pics (ripped straight from gaf)

It would be hilarious if Microsoft managed to make this exclusive of theirs


Regarding the OC, I like the style. Never played a Yakuza game, but they sure do look interesting.

Not mindblowing graphics, but maybe it's a Japanese launch title for the PS4? Nevertheless not coming to Europe anyway, so why should I care ;-P

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!