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PS4 Version=?

is this the samurai game i always wanted ? please be good !

Looks really good

Too bad there's no western release...

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Surely this means it's a PS4 game. No way they'd redo the engine for a PS3 title at the end of the generation.

The big question is whether this will receive a western release, especially since Kenzan never got one, as well as western fans still waiting for Yakuza 5.

Some more pics (ripped straight from gaf)

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It would be hilarious if Microsoft managed to make this exclusive of theirs


Regarding the OC, I like the style. Never played a Yakuza game, but they sure do look interesting.

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Not mindblowing graphics, but maybe it's a Japanese launch title for the PS4? Nevertheless not coming to Europe anyway, so why should I care ;-P

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!