Wii U games ive owned..The good, the average and the bad.

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All the games I own are pretty awesome (havent really played Nintendo Land though)

Lego City
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (need to play more)
New Super Mario Bros U
Zombi U

No average or bad for me

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Happy with most of my Wii U purchases. The only exception would be The Cave. Truly abysmal game.

Metroid33slayer said:
I have only traded in 1 game so far and that was Ninja gaiden 3 RE10 which a was a monotonous drudge. I currently have 10 wii u games soon to be 13 next week when W101, SCBL and Rayman legends get released.I'll rate them in order of preference 1 being my favourite and 10 being my least favourite.

1 Assassins creed 3
2 Pikmin 3
3 Sonic transformed
4 Black ops 2
5 Lego city undercover
6 Resident evil revelations
7 NFS most wanted
9 Zombi U
10 Nintendoland

Not a big fan of Most Wanted U?

I thought it was excellent, and already good game improved. Particularly liked the touchscreen features, switching the car, time of day, traffic on/off, etc on the fly.

I only have nintendoland and zombiu but I was interested in darksiders 2, is too bad that is a bad port

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assassin's creed 3 : in the beginning of the game i was really bored but after that i loved every second of this game.
call of duty black ops : this is suppose to my worst purchase from a long time, the single player was short and bad and the wii mote didn't work well in the online multiplayer but all of those suddenly changed when i started to use the gamepad in the online and now i'm addicted to this game.
monster hunter ultimate 3 : one of the reason why i bought the wii u.
zombi u : really good game, i don't remember when was the last time i got scared from a game like that.
darksiders : the best game i have right now maybe because i love zelda and this game remind me alot of it.
batman arkham city : a lot of you will be surprised but this is the most overrated game i've ever played in my life, don't get wrong i love the game but it didn't deserve to get high score like that.
resident evil revelations : good game better than i thought, it has atmosphere like the old resident evil games

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Wow you guys play a lot of good games. The problem is, if you only play good games, they become average...

Game of the year 2017 so far:

5. Resident Evil VII
4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
3. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
2. Horizon Zero Dawn
1. Super Mario Odyssey

Just to clarify.. as a standalone game Darksiders 2 is decent, at times i found myself really drawn in and it felt very Zelda-esque. I put it in my bad list due to bugs and glitches that spoilt what was promising to be a fantastic experience. If those things dont bother you then its worth checking out..especially if you get it cheap. Perhaps im becoming a very picky gamer these days.

mike_intellivision said:
The incredibly awful -- Game Party Champions.

The strange -- I had a used copy of Tank! Tank! Tank! Fail to load.

Biggest regret -- not getting a chance at Darksiders 2 for $20 at Best Buy. I will be happy to pay that for a good used copy. PM me to sell it.

Are you from America?..the reason i ask is because my copy of Darksiders is a pal UK version, otherwise i would have been happy to sell it to you. I will probably trade it in and use the credit towards Wonderful 101 on Friday.

Cod blobs 2, ZombiU, Batman Arkham City, AC 3 - all good quality productions.

Haven't played a bad game yet (although my gaming time is a bit constrained these days).

The good:

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (over 600 hours playtime. It deserves the top spot)

Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (also many hours. But why did they make the gamepad-map so tiny?)

Zombi U (Really good gamepad Integration. Wii-mote aiming in Single-Player would make it perfect)

Pikmin 3 (But I think Pikmin 2 was better)

Nintendoland (Great if you have guests)

BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (I have no Idea why I like this game)

Super Metroid (30 cent made this a great deal)

The average:

Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved 2013 (Wii Fit U can't come soon enough, but it's better than nothing)

NSMB U (Maybe I had too much 2 D Platformers lately)

Trine 2: Director's Cut (Maybe I had too much 2 D Platformers lately)

Toki Tori 2 (Nice puzzle challenge, I don't like the open world approach even if it felt fresh in the beginning)

Nano Assault Neo (not enough content for my taste)

Sonic& All-Stars Racing Transformed (it's no Mario Kart, but still nice)

Puddle (Nice little game, but the motion controls are not good enough)

The bad:

Little Inferno (I expected more from the makers of World of Goo)


I somehow have the feeling I forgot a game ...