Wii U games ive owned..The good, the average and the bad.

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Wii U games i've owned:

the good:
Arkam City (openworld, dark, touchscreen)
ZombiU (never been so adrenaline pumped)
Darksiders (openworld, dark, touchscreen)
Ducktales remastered (song in my head 24/7)
Assassin's Creed 3 (forget teh story, SIDEQUESTS!)

the average:
nintendoland (i have no cool friends)
new super mario luigi (a lot of fun, not 3D)
lego city (beautiful, open, smart, no headshots)

no bad games .. no regrets!

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Pikmin 3


Need for Speed Most Wanted U

Black Ops II






(None yet)

The incredibly awful -- Game Party Champions.

The strange -- I had a used copy of Tank! Tank! Tank! Fail to load.

Biggest regret -- not getting a chance at Darksiders 2 for $20 at Best Buy. I will be happy to pay that for a good used copy. PM me to sell it.


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Darksiders 2 is far from a perfect game but neither was it's predecessor. I actually think the Wii U with touchscreen integration & exclusive dlc inclusion made the Wii U version the one to pick up.(I was debating between the 360 and Wii U version).

NintendoLand (had a blast with my wife and kids all the time) 8.5
Trine 2: (better gfx, more levels than PS360, touchscreen) 9.0
Darksiders: (see above) 8.0
NanoAssault: (nice visuals, tight controls, too short) 8.0
New Super Mario bros Wii U (a more polished version of NSMB:Wii in HD) 8.0


Scriblenauts Unlimited:(more stuff than 3DS, HD visuals) 7.8                                                                                                                                                 

NinjaGaiden(Better Visuals and more polish than the original PS360 version) 7.5
Assasin's Creed (on par visuals with PS360, nice genre for WiiU) 7.0
ZombieU (Decent graphics, unique gameplay that I appreciate) 7.4
Need For Speed (I hate the controls the visuals and gamepad integration are nice) 7.5

The Cave ~6.0

Chasing Aurora~6.0

Tank Tank Tank!!! ~6.5

Mighty Switch Force! (got it on sale...it's the same as the 3DS version only in HD)~ 6.9


that's it for now.


Zombi U
Bit Trip Runner 2
Super Metroid
Migth Switch Force


Lego City

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I have only traded in 1 game so far and that was Ninja gaiden 3 RE10 which a was a monotonous drudge. I currently have 10 wii u games soon to be 13 next week when W101, SCBL and Rayman legends get released.I'll rate them in order of preference 1 being my favourite and 10 being my least favourite.

1 Assassins creed 3
2 Pikmin 3
3 Sonic transformed
4 Black ops 2
5 Lego city undercover
6 Resident evil revelations
7 NFS most wanted
9 Zombi U
10 Nintendoland

wow REALLY impressive WiiU library. I just got my WiiU about 2 months ago and so far i only have NFS most wanted, batman arkhim city, super mario bros u, and assassin creed 3. I plan on getting tekken tag team 2, in a few weeks! cant wait... I plan to buy alot of older Wiiu games in the upcoming months :3

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i really liked ZombiU, i haven't been this adrenaline pumped in ages. then again, there hasn't been any good survival horror games lately.

MohammadBadir said:
i really liked ZombiU, i haven't been this adrenaline pumped in ages. then again, there hasn't been any good survival horror games latelr

Resident evil revelations is a better survival game than zombi u IMO.

does anyone else find black ops 2 unbearable online for the Wii U? I stopped playing the wii u version and went back to the ps3 version