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Sony announced, during their Gamescom presentation, that if you subscribe to ps+ for one year, you will get an extra 90 days for free. Now that the store has updated it does advertise on the front page that you will get the 90 days for free, however, when you click to purchase it, there is no mention of the free days at all.

I have been waiting for a promotion like this to stock up a few years PS+ but don't want to risk purchasing it when there is no mention of the 90 free days in the terms or product description.

Has anybody bought PS+ since the promotion started and can confirm that it works?

Thanks in advance.

(I think the deal is just for EU)

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ARGH!!! why do I always re-subscribe when no deals are going on....

arcane_chaos said:
ARGH!!! why do I always re-subscribe when no deals are going on....

2 of my friends re-subscribed DAYS before this announcement, I have been waiting for ages for some sort of deal to happen and nearly gave up waiting.

I've been waiting for something like this. I knew it had to happen soon. I think there was the same deal this time last year.

I think it is USA as well. This website says it is only in Europe.

The promotion starts once the EU store is updated

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Seems clear, Sony is going hard at Europe.

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Just wait. Something like that happened to me with a PS+ game that was suppose to be free but showed up as like $10.00 in my cart. I came back the next day and it worked correctly. Someone probably just missed it.

Also, waiting for a PS+ subscription deal is probably the way to go. I got the very same deal (US) earlier this year and I'm sure it will come back around eventually.

"Buy" and "get free" shouldn't go in the same sentence. Other than that, It's a sweet deal.

I believe they had it in the US when it first started. I'd get it again too, if I wasn't at college.

Damn it i'm subscribed until October.

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the2real4mafol said:
Damn it i'm subscribed until October.

If you buy this, it will be added to you current one.

Also, anyone know when this ends?

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