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CrashMan said:
I am independant (and actually more right leaning) but I think the country NEEDS a democratic president to swing policy back towards center. Some messed up stuff has happened in the pas 7 years that needs some rectification.

OT, I don't think any of the republicans stood a chance against either Hillary or Obama, the party needs to regroup and reevaluate their outdated social agenda. What ever happened to small central government conservatives :(

 They got bought up by big corporations that like their fat government contracts.

 Seriously, just look at the candidacy process. People are blown away by the occaisional campaign that can run on personal donations. All other campaigns are fuelled mainly by special interests.

 With campaigns that cost millions and millions of dollars, contributions become an investment. You can't come out of this process without owing something to somebody, and I think it's very telling to note which shareholders own which candidate.

And that's not even touching on the presidential campaign or any of the congressional campaigns. The American political process is simply too drawn out and expensive, and the budgets at stake too huge, for it not to be for sale. I'd love to see a streamlined, more regulated, cheaper election process in the US, but at this point I'm not really sure if it's possible. With the president signing $3 trillion budgets, it's not that hard for him (and the rest of Washington) to pay off his investors...

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ssj12 said:
naznatips said:
Final-Fan said:
I would have voted for McCain in 2000 but I've lost some respect for him since then and much more importantly I think even he would not be able to turn around the insanity of the present GOP. It would infect his administration. I would, however, like very much to see him with a Cabinet-level position in a Democratic administration. He would be able to do a lot of good work.

In general I agree with this sentiment. I think McCain has a lot to offer the country, and a lot of experience and good ideas. He certainly is not another George Bush. I could see him working really well in a high level advisory position, but I still think we need a Democratic President to fix the mess our country is in at the moment.

I hope your meaning Obama. Hilary would raise taxes so high the amount of homeless people in this country would increase by several million.

I so wish Al Gore would have ran. He would have been the perfect candidate.

I mean Obama.  I think most people here, Republican and Democrat, agree that Clinton's capmaign platforms are not what this country needs right now.  Obama is fine, but he needs to surround himself with people who have experience.  He's open-minded and intelligent though, unlike Clinton, and he would be able to make the necessary changes with the right people around him.

GhaleonUnlimited said:
It's a poor idea to assume the Republicans will lose the election because of Bush. People said the same thing in '04, haha. McCain is a completely different idealogy than Bush, and has a good chance to stand up to Hillary's lack of appeal outside of hardcore Dems/minorities.

I'm really glad Romney's out and Huckabee is way behind -- after 8 years of Bush, an ultra-conservative will NO WAY win a general election.

After 8 years of foolishness, nearly 4K soldiers dead in Iraq and an economy in the dumps, the U.S. has spoken and it's time for a regime change. 

naznatips, why do you assume that I am a republican? Just cause I liked Romney? There lots of successful Democrats that arent liberals.  He ran Mass very well and it is a Liberal Democratic state!  Once you own property and a business you will see how much taxes (and the social programs that go with them) hurt your business and family.  Plus Republicans have raised taxes just like Democrats over the past 8 years...so they dont distinguished themselves much anymore.

jankazimierz said:
Wow, im suprised how many people liked Romney. I guess I assumed most people who looked a VG Charts were Idealistic College kids that still thought Socialism/Communism "Seemed like a good idea for everyone". Its usually not until people are educated, pay taxes and are wealthy till they learn that the lower class of society trys to use liberalism to bring the successful (like Romney) down to their level. I am honored to see so many thoughtful fellow gamers. (By the way on my last post i called Obama "Osama" on purpose!)

This is the attitude that destroys societies.

You HAVE no civilization without the "lower classes". A boss is nothing without its workers. The people who do the tasks make civilization go 'round. A pyramid's peak can't sit up high without the base below it.

The reality of the situation is if people got paid by order of importance then hunters/farmers would have the wealthiest jobs in the world. They would be followed by the janitors and waste management workers. All you have to do is imagine them not existing in society.

You ain't going nowhere if you don't eat. Simple as that. You ain't going nowhere if you don't drink. Simple as that. Nothing could build. After that the place must be kept clean enough for people to survive it or disease will kill off everyone. All jobs are important but some don't get the respect like others since people are paid by rarity of ability rather than importance of job. So a convenience store worker who in essence is a manager, clerk, human resources rep, janitor and more all in one only gets paid peanuts for that multifaceted job. While someone at home on a computer like a day trader can just basically online gamble and become a millionaire. He's not doing half the work the convenience store worker is doing and his position is not as valuable to society but he gets paid so much more for a comparatively easier task.

The day trader gets high priced items and is seen as smart and high class while the convenience store worker can barely etch out a living and is seen as dumb and low class. But in reality her job is of crucial importance in society as she operates a food and fuel resource center that everyone in the neighborhood depends on while the day trader's job has less influence on society as a whole and mostly benefits him.

There's a problem when capitalism is seen as infallible on its own merits. There must be balance. YES any SOCIETY needs SOCIALISM. And this is such dirty word to so many Americans but they fail to realize that they themselves benefit from socialist programs and services implemented in their society.

Socialism? Try the Public Library. A government operated program designed to even the playing field in resources of knowledge so that all citizens have the option to increase their education. If you can't pay for the books, low class peon, you don't deserve to read them.

Socialism? Try federal grants. You don't have the ability to pay for access to high education centers or to fund technological/medical research or need assistance to sustain your business? Well here's some money to help you get by, it's on me. If you don't have the money to afford these things, low class peon, then you don't deserve access to these areas of life.

The Sanitation Department that picks up your trash every day is a form of socialism. Public schooling is an example of socialism. Things funded by the government to enhance the betterment of societies are all examples of SOCIALISM.

No man is TRULY self-made. NO MAN. He may do a lot on his own but damn sure he didn't do it ALL on his own. He uses the tools and services set in society to achieve his goals. And those tools were formed because of a lack in society that somebody fought against. The later generations not knowing of the history of these things take the tools and services for granted.

Capitalism unchecked is Anarchy. In the word Capitalism exists Capita—Latin for head. Capita = Cabeza in Latin's offspring Spanish. Cabeza like Cabbage from Latin's offspring French's Caboche which means head. A Head of Cabbage. And how do you procure this Head of Cabbage? You cut it off at the stalk. How do behead anything? You cut the neck. Cutting the neck ~ Cutthroat.

Opportunistic at any and all costs for the lust of gathering prized heads, gathering the prizes. This leads to anti-social way of life from which crime comes from.

There has to be a balance between wealth creation and social sustenation. The problem people have with socialism is that "how will it be funded?" That is a legit question. We can make all these services we want to but how are they going to be funded and if they're not funded then they're empty programs that can never start. But at the same time the wealth creation seen in capitalist societies can lead to a culture of greed where community (oops did I allude to communism?) is destroyed ALL for the individual good instead of both the individual and the community both benefiting like in a healthy society.

We see it now in America. Mothers and fathers often both have to work just to pay the bills. This leaves the kids unsupervised and not as well parented. I was a latchkey kid for awhile and I'm one of many many around the country like this. Some of these kids raise themselves almost and sometimes this leads to unhealthy behaviors which result in gangs and street life where the kid goes on his/her own rules operating from the child's own impulsiveness. The children grow into adults with bad behaviors which resonate all throughout the society. And all because business operated so strongly from the capital principle without much heed to the social or community principle. When businesses abandon their social and communal responsibility you get these plagues within that society which worsen with every successive generation becoming tradition, therefore habit, and hard to break.

So watch what you say when you downgrade socialism and communism. Just because another government didn't operate those orders correctly doesn't mean the ideology is bad. A balance is what you need. We already operate in a combined order society that employs a bit of socialism and communism within its capitalism.

Our European and Australian friends may complain about having to spend more money for low luxury items like videogames but I bet you they have proper access to health care and education that they don't have to weigh against maintaining the household and using these life-enhancing services. You don't really NEED videogames but you NEED access to maintaining health and affordable access to education to make sure the country produces citizens that can grow the potential of the nation.

Are these systems perfect? Probably not. But it's better to have the system in place where it can be improved rather than not have a system at all.

This "low class" guy talking to you right now has no health care because it's out of reach for my level of pay. My health plan is Don't Get Sick. It's worked so far but will that hold up over time? A damn shame that an embargoed country like Cuba has better health care than the supposed leader of the free world wih all its money, resources, and manpower. We're only #1 in making weapons. There's no money in investing in people, sadly, in a nation who believes capitalism is without flaw.

John Lucas

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I am glad Romney is out as he would not have any chance against Obama. I am a Democrat, but I will take anyone over Obama. I am tired of his supporters in general (not necessarily on this forum, but all over the internet) trying to cram him down my throat as if I have to like him. I do not and am a proud Hillary supporter. I feel he is all style no substance and I am not moved by him in the slightest. His supporters have done all of his dirty work by systematically tearing the Clintons down in a very ungrateful way via the press and internet that Democrats should be ashamed of. Therefore I am anybody but Obama at this point. Go Hillary! Go McCain! I'd even vote for Huckabee at this point.

I did not support him but I kind of feel bad for him. I guess this proves you cant buy elections


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Yeah I agree about Huckabee.  It isn't Ron Paul that bothers me, just the flaming supporters.

Obama is too liberal for me... but he is likable.. tight now the US needs a president we can all at least like- besides as long as he puts good people around him it won't matter too much.... McCain just looks like a crusty old politician. And acts like on too...

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add me, the more the merrier.

Most of the world's largest economies are mixed economies, with socialist and capitalist aspects, pure capitalism has too many market failures and income disparities which would eventually kill it off, pure socialism cannot adjust to changes in a large economy fast enough and also would die, so you gotta have a mixed economy.


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