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At this point, Sony has taken just about every shot at Microsoft that it can. E3 was a bloodbath, where each member of the PlayStation team made sure to target the Xbox One and its not-so-user-friendly policies, and as you’d guess, Gamescom has been no different. Right before Sony’s press event closed, current president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House made sure to stick one final point to the Xbox maker.

"While others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistant in maintaining policies and a model that is fair and in tune with consumer desires," House said.

For the full video of house's speech, take a look below. The slam dunk moment is at the 34 second mark: 


Of course, this is referring to Microsoft’s numerous changes to its initial messaging for the Xbox One. Kinect is now longer required, there are no online check-ins, and yes, the thing comes with a headset. It’s safe to say that Sony is confident in its product, and it’s not afraid to say so on some of the biggest stages.


Gotta love the rivalry

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I laughed when he said it :P Was a pretty amusing kick in the balls.

I admit I laughed when he said it.

I loved how the crowd went crazy as soon as he said the first part of the sentence. He didn't even say the full thing and the crowd went nuts. That was awesome.


The crowd reaction was funny too.

Talk about kicking them when theyre down.

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It was amuzing. He gave a similar close back in feb. but today it takes on a whole new meaning.

I had a big smile on my face when he said that =)

Yeah.. I was sleepy and my sleep went away hearing this :)

And will be forgotten by tomorrow. Xbox wins in games.

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They're just lucky Microsoft didn't implement some of the changes 1 or 2 years ago or both their E3 and Gamescom conferences would have been very underwhelming.  The biggest things to come out of E3 for Sony was their lack of DRM that Xbox One had at the time and that it's $100 cheaper.  For Gamescom it's all about timed exclusive indie games.  If Microsoft would have announced a $100 pricecut Sony would have pretty much lost every advantage they had going for them this year and would be eaten alive when Titanfall drops.