Wii U owners, what 3rd party Wii U games are you buying for the rest of the year?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U owners, what 3rd party Wii U games are you buying for the rest of the year?

i want to support the Nintendo Wii U third-parties for still sticking with the Wii U, because if, we Nintendo owners DON"T buy these games, we can kiss third-parties goodbye . I will be getting Call of Duty Ghosts, Watch_Dogs, Assassin's Creed IV, and Sonic Lost World. Rayman Legends is a maybe purchase. I also need to remember all the first-party titles. I won't be getting Arkham Origins due to that version being the most gimped type, and I'm not getting Splinter Cell because I never really liked those games.

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Is that the new thing, curl-6? Rehashing threads you made a couple of months ago?

What did I say in the last one, probably Sonic Lost World and nothing else? Yeah, nothing has changed, because we are talking about exactly the same games.

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Splinter Cell, have to buy NFSMWU yet, batman, AC4, watch_dogs, COD gohsts

Only Sonic Lost World. I will only buy exklusive games on the WiiU.

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- Splinter Cell Blacklist - likely

- Rayman Legends - highly likely

- Batman Arkham Origins - highly likely

- Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - maybe, needs to be a step up from last year

- Watch Dogs - likely

- Call of Duty Ghosts - maybe, was a bit dissappointed with BLOPS 2

- Sonic Lost World - maybe, not really a Sonic guy but willing to give it a go if the quality is there

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Sonic LW
Watch Dogs
Batman Arkham City
Batman Origins
Rayman Legends
Darksiders 2

And maybe maybe

I think that's it...

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I'd really like to buy a few, just to support the third parties on the platform. Potentially:

Sonic: Lost World
Watch Dogs
Rayman Legends
Call of Duty: Ghosts (assuming that post-release support is confirmed)

Sonic and maybe Rayman.

Since the wii I usually only buy exclusives for Nintendo systems but none of the exclusives listed here interest me. I will however get Watchdogs on the wii u.

I got the wii u a few months back and the only disc (only game) that has been in or on it is NintendoLand.

Therefore I am keen to play game of an adult genre to really see the benefits of the gamepad.

I am not a big fan of COD but am also considering getting that to play with the gamepad. Unless sales are relatively good on the wii u I probably wouldn't because the online community on wii u is currently so small and online is where that game is at for me.

I'll be considering all of those on the list except Rayman and Call of Duty which I am not interested in whatsoever.

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