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Microsoft has signed a landmark deal to bundle a "major third-party title" free with every Xbox One launch system across Europe, CVG understands.

Each new Xbox One console sold in Europe (and perhaps the US) will come free with the title that alone will retail at £40 or higher, in an attempt to kick away at the £80 premium Xbox One has over Sony's PS4.

A source with knowledge of the deal, who wished to remain anonymous, said the developments were part of Microsoft's goal of adding value to its system without lowering its £429 release day price.

The specific game set to be bundled with Xbox One launch systems was not named, although it's understood to be a "major" Christmas release.

Striking a deal of this magnitude is thought to have cost Microsoft further millions in budget as it prepares to launch its next-generation Xbox around the world.

Sony has won favour among the games community for setting thePlayStation 4 price at $499 and £349 - which is $100 and £80 lower than the Xbox One launch RRP.

This major game, the source said, is the "unique Xbox One exclusive" deal that Microsoft executive Phil Spencer said was being saved for a Gamescom announcement.

Microsoft has declined to comment.

Microsoft expects to release its new console in November, though its initial target of 21 release countries has been narrowed to 13.

The company is now preparing a major publicity drive at the Gamescom event in Cologne, starting with an Xbox One showcase on Tuesday. On Wednesday evening, Spencer will take the stage to host an Xbox One press conference.

Further dates and details can be found on CVG's Gamescom calendar.



What do you think? I have no idea what it is, but throwing something like FIFA in (Madden in the US) might really help push sales since most people are going to buy it anyway. I can certainly believe it, though would be very surprised if it was not Gold only

EDIT: whoops, I misread, it won't be FIFA as it seems to be an exclusive. So maybe something entirely new?