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My Toshiba Regza (since 2008) recently died and now I need to replace it. So I wondering if you guys had any advice or suggestions on a new HD TV. My main concerns (besides it actually working) are that:

1) It does well with regard to gaming, so it has to have good picture quality with little (or no) imput lag.

2) I watch a lot of Bluray movies so good picture quality when watching movies is a must.

3) Must be at least 57 inches.

4) 3D is just icing on the cake and is not a must have.

5) I could go as far back as a 2012 model TV.

6) Costs no more than $1700.00


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You should be good with any Samsung & Sony tvs as I find them most reliable. An LED tv with at least 120hz. Not sure what your budget is but you can find them anywhere between $1500-$2000.

I would suggest a Sony.

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Sony TVs have been great for me

I should also point out the best TVs for gaming are not TVs, but monitors... They generally have much less input lag, but obviously, that doesn't help your search!

The other thing to mention is don't think about projectors, they are cheaper, but less good. Lag issues + you need a dark room

Can't unfortunately speak from my own experience since both my Sony Bravias are 2011 models.

What you should look at is the amount of input lag in game mode, response time, refresh rate out of pure numbers, then just go to a store and check the picture for yourself don't take a word for it.

I can highly recommend Sony Bravias, great quality LED TVs, I am very happy with both mine, although I think it may be hard to get a 60incher in under 2 grands but I am only aware of the prices in Europe (don't know where you're from).
Plasmas are also good for gaming, Panasonic is the quality top dog.
For both you can find cheaper Samsungs although I am not convinced by anything non-japanese regarding TVs so I can't recommend them.

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57 inches + ??? Why not just get a projector at that point?

I'd go with a sharp LED.

Don't get a plasma for gaming or you will have to deal with your HUD getting burned into the screen for games that you play for long periods of time.

No TV is gonna give you what you wait as far as input lag,if your doing alot of online gaming then a PC monitor is gonna give you what you want as far as crisp HD with little lag whatso ever. TVs cant do anything when it comes to lag because even if they have a Game Mode its not gonna be anywhere as low as a monitor can give you.

To get as low MS and input lag as possible you must use a monitor,wired controller,have a fast internet connection and use an ethernet cable not wireless.

V-r0cK said:
You should be good with any Samsung & Sony tvs as I find them most reliable. An LED tv with at least 120hz. Not sure what your budget is but you can find them anywhere between $1500-$2000.

Actually Samsung TV's weren't always reliable, few years ago Samsung started to use really cheap capacitors which impacted reliability massively, granted that issue has been resolved now.

Basically I would go with a TV where the manufacturer makes the panels, thus Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony and Sharp etc'.

In-fact Sony and Samsung (I think and Sharp) have a joint venture in the production of LCD panels, the other electronics in the TV's will of course be different.

If you want the best TV for gaming, look at some 120hz panels, real 120hz panels, not the "interpolated 120hz" and don't be married to a single brand, Sony's TV's although high quality are generally over priced for what you get.

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good tv for gaming 2 rules

plasma or old school crt>all lcd

if your going to get a lcd than at least get one with a ips panel you can tell if it has one by pressing your finger across the screen there shouldn't be any trail behind your finger the ips panels have less lag and much better viewing angles than the most commonly used tn panels


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Plasma is your best answer. no lag in your fast action games and 3D is at its best.

Your biggest problem in getting an LCD is the price your shooting for. Others have mentioned 120hz. That is not really ideal for gaming or 3D if you choose. The 240hz LCD's will get you for $2,000+ US.