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I prefer home console gaming so i would go for wii u and ps4

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I would say PS3DS but it's more looking PS3Vita in the near future

Since I have never been a fan of Nintendos games, I would say Xbox360/PS3 in order to get all the exclusives. But since I am a a one-system-guy, I only have the 360 :)


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For me, as long as you mix a Sony platform and a Nintendo one you simply can't go wrong. I can't simply limit it to two, but in pairs I'd say PS3 + Wii U and Vita + 3DS for my gaming needs. But if I had to limit it to a 'combo' then it would be PS3 + Vita. By next year my arrangement should look like PS3, PSV, PS4 3DS and Wii U.


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Sony + Nintendo = WIN! PS3 + PSV + PS4 + Wii U + 3DS

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PS3 and 3DS

The best handheld games, Nintendo and Sony 1st party software, the best multiplats.

WiiU and PS3. BC of Wii games but also great PS3 library. I'll once again be rocking the Playtendo combo this gen with WiiU on BF 2014 and PS4 this holiday because of all those first party titles on both and Sony's power bringing the 3rd party games and online features and services.

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Wii U + PS3
PS3 + 3DS

in order

techhunter80 said:

Best One - 360 and DS - I have lost a good part of my life because of these two. The 3DS would be next though.

Well you can play DS games on 3DS so might as well count that as 3DS.

Also same combo (360 + 3DS)

easily PS3 + 3ds u get the best of all worlds from GOW-Pokemon-Uncharted-Mario u can't beat that gaming combo. After seeing this thread I can easily say Sony Fans def. don't have something against nintendo as some people like to believe.