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DSLover said:
Obama, if he wins he get usa out of the mess bush has left it in, if hilary wins then usa will be more screwed cause nothing will get fixed

Obama has said if he can't fix something, he'll get a specialist that can. That's what's going to happen. He surrounds himself with experienced politicans to get the job done correctly. I do believe he'll bring change - and bridge the partisan gap. I think he needs an excellent VP to take over if he gets shot - some jackass will try it - but still, he can bring real change that this country so desperately needs. A Hillary win will rally the GOP and bring tons of dirt to the Dems. She can't draw GOPers and independents like Obama can.

We're gonna be in for an interesting ride, folks. 

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He definitely has a good mindset. With an outlook and determination like that, even if he cannot change everything, at least some things will change for the better which isn't something I can say about our current President.

I really hope Obama wins. Outside of personal reasons of COMPLETELY not trusting the Clintons or approving of her "everyone MUST have health care, at the expense of everyone":

I was drawn to Obama's nonpartisan speeches this year, and I think he's really what the country needs to heal from 20 decades of bitter party fighting. The Clintons are masters of smoke and mirrors and will make this an ugly year if it's them vs. Republicans (a fight she might lose against McCain's inclusive appeal). Notice: as soon as Obama won Iowa, the Clinton hate machine fired up (Bill: "His plans are fairy tales").

I like his health care plan much better -- under 25 can be covered under parents, after that younger people aren't forced to buy health care (I'm 25, healthy, and I'd only need coverage for an emergency).

And experience? She has a SLIGHT edge (4 more years in Senate, she *WATCHED* Clinton in the White House but obviously did not govern, and her heath-care plan was blasted), but nothing to trust her over Obama. Her "35 years" is like Sony talking about their 10-year plans, haha -- a misinformative-at-best stretch.

She will have a much tougher campaign with all the baggage/enemies in both parties/right-wing ire for the Clintons.

 btw -- if you paid attention to Super Tuesday + exit polls, race/gender is CERTAINLY a key factor in the Dem race.

If you're listening to McCain's speech right now, you can forsee what the campaign will look like if Clinton gets the Democrats' nomination -- an ugly, bloody bashing contest that will continue for at least the next 5 years.

Sadly I think it will be Clinton v McCain, and another presidency in which I care not to vote.

Obama is too black to win the Democrat nod.

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It really doesn't matter to me, either one can win.

Clinton/Obama has my vote.

Obama needs to win. I would hate to hear Hilary's voice in every speech. Her voice makes my ears bleed.

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im thinking hillary will win,but it will be very close

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CDiablo said:
Sadly I think it will be Clinton v McCain, and another presidency in which I care not to vote.

Obama is too black to win the Democrat nod.

No, trust me. He's got the nomination.

Hillary Clinton is XBox 360, Barack Obama is Wii.

His appeal crosses boundaries where hers is a bit more boxed in.

While the grand majority of black vote is obviously behind him he is doing what Jesse Jackson could not. Appeal not only to non-blacks but also Republicans, Independents, and even the Non-Voters who really make up the biggest voting block in the country.

He will be the Democratic Nominee.

And once that happens people against the war and against the way the country is going will lock behind him pushing him onto the presidency.

I DON'T want him to make Hillary his running mate. She will weaken everything he stands for.

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Unfortunately I would guess Obama is going to win the nom. Though it could come down to Pennsylvania where I am pretty certain Clinton would win.

^I would say Hillary is the Wii where Obama would be an Atari 2600 since he would be the most ineffective president since Jimmy Carter the first president of the 2600 gen.