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But you do understand that it doesn't mean that it will come to PS4. Just like this generation Xone + PC = nothing for PS4. Keep dreaming :p

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Dead Rising 3,Minecraft,Titanfall,Crimson Dragon and PvZ:GW are the most likely to be going Multiplat.

S.T.A.G.E. said:
lol Microsoft put their hands in everyones back pocket this time around. Quantum Break and Titan Fall will be on PC....those are the only ones that really matter that are outside of first party.

I doubt that Quantum Break will hit PC because it intergrates that whole tv thing.

Below, Minecraft, Titanfall and PvZ.

Companies go after timed exclusive, because it works. Titanfall on PS4 in spring 2015 won't make a difference for example.

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ethomaz said:

I'm sure that "published by MS" means nothing after all.

Only first-party you can say it is 100% exclusive.

So from the third-party game I'm sure Titanfall is timed exclusive but the source says "multiple" that means more than one.

So at least one more is timed exclusive:

Dead Rising 3?
Ryse: Son of Rome?
Sunset Overdrive?

The MineCraft already said the game is timed exclusive... so I bet that the one of them.

It means nothing?  Looking at the past, it means a great deal.  There is just a small fraction of third party games that wereublished by microsoft that have gone multiplat (excluding pc of course).  In fact, there are only two that I can think of, which is mass effect and ninja gaiden 2.  With mass effect the developer and ip was bought out and it still took 5 years for it to be released on multiple platforms and ninja gaiden was essentially remade.  

I would say it is very unlikely any of the big retaild exclusives published by microsoft will go multiplat.  History tells us that.  Games like titanfall and the indie games are likely to be timed exclusives, but not ryse or dead rising.

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EspadaGrim said:

Dead Rising 3,Minecraft,Titanfall,Crimson Dragon and PvZ:GW are the most likely to be going Multiplat.

DR3 is published by MSFT.  From what the developers has said it isnt even possible without the X1.
Crimson Dragon is a 2nd party game.  Owned by MSFT.

J_Allard said:
I don't believe MS has some elite stable of exclusive 3rd party games (no one does anymore), but that quote doesn't really mean anything.

nice to see someone understands the spoken word [English].

And everyone saying Titanfall by taking the quote in the most literal sense.. Titanfall would not even qualify because it isn't "coming to Xbox One first". It's also on Xbox 360 and PC day one.

Panama said:
RIP in piece third party exclusives. I remember when I would fire up a game and it'd be just for that console. Those were the days.

You mean the PS2 era - I remember dat era too.


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this is pretty much expected. probably titan fall, dead rising 3 and plants VS zombies. i doubt ryse or sunset overdrive will be not be