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I mean in 2 days it gets released in North america and in 5 days in europe it is one of most anticipated jrpg games of this gen

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I'll wait till it's cheaper.

I've heard Xillia 2 is way better, so I assume people would want to reserve the hype for that one!

Its doesn't have guns, its not rated M, and its not realistic so who give a f**k #Sarcasm

I'm looking forward to it, but the market been flooded with shooters its going to be hard for JRPG to make a come back. Ni No Kuni kick off the return, hope for the same with Tales of Xillia.

Don’t follow the hype, follow the games


Here a little quote I want for those to keep memorize in your head for this coming next gen.                            

 By: Suke

The hype is right here!  Been waiting for this game for so long and its finally almost here, can't wait got my pre-order and everything ready.

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The "Tales of" series is pretty niche. That said I have my Milla Maxwell edition pre-ordered :D

I wish I could be more excited but after going back and playing Symphonia I realize now that I could only overlook the flaws as a child. I'll still be keeping an eye out though.

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JRPGs these days don't get much hype from the forums. I have my copy preordered.

When are we gonna see the reviews?

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I think the problem is they didnt do a worldwide release (and took forever to localize). Something about old games makes them way harder to get hyped for, even if you've never played it before.