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So I'm off to pre-order GTA5 this week and I'm tossing up between the PS3 and the XB360 versions.


For those of you with both consoles, which system will you be buying it for and why??



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PS3, seems like rockstar and sony are doing some kind off partnership with that game, and the footage so far has been from that version, so we know it won't be another gimped port

PS3 because my 360 is a pre hdmi one.

I will go with the PS 3 if I buy it as I don't have an Xbox 360!

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Wait for Digital Foundry.

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PS3 because I prefer the controller and have all the previous GTA games on PlayStation platforms

Xbox 360 like most people

wait till next gen release! (that's happening right?) that's what I'm doing.

PS3 since you have to instal it on 360 and I don't have a lot of room left on my 360, but I do on my PS3.

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maybe the 360 version but gonna wait for Digital Foundry verdict. All the previous games that ran on Rage 3D engine favored the 360 slightly... But we'll wait and see on this one