"Microsoft will vanish in 5 or 10 years, Facebook in 3" explains FSF President.

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What will happen?

Microsoft and FB will disappear. 62 12.16%
Only Microsoft will vanish. 22 4.31%
Only FB will vanish. 102 20.00%
Neither will be erased. 148 29.02%
They both will be erased,... 69 13.53%
No one lives forever. 58 11.37%
Show me the results. 45 8.82%
kitler53 said:
facebook could collapse but 3 years is too soon imo.

MS certainly has problems in its future as the tech landscape changes. they missed the boat on phones and tablets. they screwed up with windows 8. if the "cloud" really takes off they could see their core business erode away as OSs become less and less relevant. but i think MS knows it's issues and it is working to fix them or create new markets to play in. i think they will survive but will be a very different company from what they are today.

He compares to myspace. He is not talking about closing the website, but people loosing interest in it, progressively.

Let's face the facts, who's on facebook now ? Everybody's parents. It's not cool anymore.

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So basically, this is just the equivalent of all the indies claiming that they are the only possible future of gaming...

These stories are getting boring very quickly

bahahahahahahaha the free/open world has been dreaming about that day for 30 years.... it never happened and will never happen because the free world isn't free it is donation based so they pretty much rely on the good will of the people which will never be enough to become main stream and be maintained at the same level than MS, Apple, google, etc...

LMFAO I'm still hurting from that one it's the 80's/90's all over again we are still waiting.... I remember my cousin who was a computer science engineer student in the 90's telling me Linux would be number one in a few years... good thing he didn't bet his life on that one...

and FB is not dieing either, this is one of the main photo album for most people, one of the main chat (like MSN) and contact list for most people....
I have more than 300 hundred essential contacts private and professional that are only stored on FB.. I couldn't do without FB today my entire contact list is synced with it with every other software (e-mail, phone contact list) are sync with it
and millions of people do the same... there is no way it is going anywhere either.... it is the cloud version of the contact list version you had on paper it is way more than a social network it is a productivity tools if you know how to use it.....
it might be bought out by something but in a decade it will be there I guarantee it...

Is this man the definition of driving an agenda? I would say he's at least close to perfectly matching it.

Anyhow, I went for the copout answer of "No one lives forever" in the poll. Thanks for putting that in there, Wright.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

so, how many cash reserves does microsoft have? doesn't he think that microsoft will just buy some more stuff which will be famous in 3 years or 5 years so that they make money with this then? it's not as if people will really switch to services where nobody makes money with...

people don't always switch every few months even if there would be something better. yes it happened with myspace but common, myspace was nothing against what facebook is nowadays. maybe myspace was big in usa but it wasn't a worldwide phenomenon. people won't just all leave facebook and if they will leave to another service facebook will just buy that service early enough (or microsoft or google)

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Sony fanboys are getting crazier and crazier.

I really like free software and Linux and stuff but really, these guys should stay at hacking, that's what they are able to.

Honestly I have been worrying about MS for a while now. The decisions they keep making are (Seemingly consistently) terrible, and even worse is the fact that Apple and Google are close to beating them at their own game.

All that needs to happen to wipe out MS in 10 years is:

-Android gets a proper desktop OS with full PC hardware support. This will eat up the cheap laptop market.
-Linux gets full gaming support. This will eat MS's DIY PC market.
-Mac makes more mainstream models with even more supported software and games. There goes the mid-premium basic user.

All of these things are starting to happen right now with the exception of Android (Which is silly because it would be so easy to do and make a ton of money!) MS could easily save itself by focusing on what it does best and halting the money burning party that is the Xbox and Windows RT.

Facebook is already dying, it has been for the better part of a year. Microsoft, after all the shit that has been going on with them, I give them a good 10-15 years.

Dear on dear. What a pillock.

And to those talking about windows. Go look at what Microsoft actually is these days. It's is MUCH more than windows, that isn't even it's biggest area any more.

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