"Microsoft will vanish in 5 or 10 years, Facebook in 3" explains FSF President.

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What will happen?

Microsoft and FB will disappear. 62 12.16%
Only Microsoft will vanish. 22 4.31%
Only FB will vanish. 102 20.00%
Neither will be erased. 148 29.02%
They both will be erased,... 69 13.53%
No one lives forever. 58 11.37%
Show me the results. 45 8.82%

facebook could collapse but 3 years is too soon imo.

MS certainly has problems in its future as the tech landscape changes. they missed the boat on phones and tablets. they screwed up with windows 8. if the "cloud" really takes off they could see their core business erode away as OSs become less and less relevant. but i think MS knows it's issues and it is working to fix them or create new markets to play in. i think they will survive but will be a very different company from what they are today.

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Microsoft...... I don't know.
Maybe the Xbox Brand may disappear like the Zune brand, but I'm not sure as a whole. Though, the Window Surface (in my opinion) was a huge failure. Bailmer admitted that the company had a nine hundred million dollars lost and the launch of Window 8 was a failure as well. Facebook....personally, I would love to see Facebook disappear because I feel it just cause nothing but drama, but is a good tool to keep up with family members. I don't, I'm sure their'll be a new social website that will explode and take over Facebook.

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I think the website has at least cited him very bad and out of context. I can't find any hint on such claims on his blog (http://blogs.fsfe.org/gerloff/ ) or on the fsfe-site: http://fsfe.org/

I think the article is spiced up, to get more hits.

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Not sure about Facebook, but definitely not the case for Microsoft. The key for long term survival is having multiple distinct divisions, so breaking one of them doesn't break the whole company, and that's the case for them. Just look at how IBM survived and is still gigantic today by reinventing itself and investing in multiple fronts.

Yes, MS will lose their stranglehold on businesses and government using Office/Windows ... right.


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I don't really see that happening... at least, not on such short notice.

Guy is just over optimistic because its his goal to be a part of doing those things.
When someone is trying to convince others that what they want most is going to happen, they always exaggerate it.

Reading his quote without taking it out of context, I don't think he was referring to the entire Microsoft company disappearing. I think he was talking specifically about Google (or Google+).

Well Facebook might die but I would say it will take at least 5 years, The site is still very popular and has over 1 billion members. Although myspace was quite popular as well at one point and that died very quickly...

MS won't be vanishing for a long time. They still dominate the market with many of their products. If they go, then who will replace them? I think Apple is more likely to die before MS because other than the Iphone and Ipad, there is nothing else that makes them big money and both products are getting old and can't keep selling well forever.


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Conegamer said:
Just goes to show what these industry experts really know, eh?

3 Years for FB? No way. Maybe in a decade, but not 3 years.

Almost everyone uses Windows, particularly businesses. They aren't going anywhere fast.

The most retarded country in the world, France, already ditched Winodws for civil service (is that how it's said in english ? people working for the state).

400.000 windows and office licence per year not being paid anymore. Instead they now use Linux and open office.

If France, that does everything with 10 years late, already did it; what are other countries waiting for ?

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