"Microsoft will vanish in 5 or 10 years, Facebook in 3" explains FSF President.

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What will happen?

Microsoft and FB will disappear. 62 12.16%
Only Microsoft will vanish. 22 4.31%
Only FB will vanish. 102 20.00%
Neither will be erased. 148 29.02%
They both will be erased,... 69 13.53%
No one lives forever. 58 11.37%
Show me the results. 45 8.82%

didn't Microsoft report a 26 billion USD profit for their last 12 months the other day?
I am pretty sure they will close down soon.

Oh and MS created 50.000 jobs in the last decade as well.

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As far as Facebook goes he may actually be in the ballpark. MySpace was huge for its time and then it suddenly declined when not many people expected it to. Everyone jumped ship to the next big social media boat. I have actually been watching my friends, one by one, deactivate their profiles on Facebook. Now obviously that is such a tiny sample size but these people jumped on Facebook from Day 1 and loved it. Now they just see it as nothing more than a cesspool of memes, advertisement, and people who never went to college acting like Facebook is the place to put their imaginary degree to work. I see a lot of the same garbage plastered all over Facebook that I saw on MySpace when it spiraled out of any relevance. It's not as sloppy but it's there. As other means to stay connected with friends and family have increased and improved the hook of Facebook has dulled. Three years may be just a little too soon but I would not be surprised at all if by 2020 that website is nothing more than a memory.

Microsoft vanishing soon? Not going to happen. They are far too deep into the computer and electronics world to die off so quickly. Could Microsoft become less of a force in the world? Absolutely, and I suspect it will happen sooner than most people want to believe. However, I see them around for quite a few years to come in one way or another. Google is actually the one company he listed that I suspect is going to continue its upward trend and I even suspect that it may replace Microsoft in the world of PCs. In fact, it may very well replace a lot of currently dominant companies in various fields of electronics. I think one thing is almost certain, though. Whatever the picture is of the computer world today, it will look a lot different in 10 to 20 years. A lot of today's major players will likely end up as tomorrow's history lesson.

And the alternative is what? Linux? It's made huge strides but it's still far from being user friendly enough for the general public. OSX I suppose is the other option but it's far from wallet friendly enough for most.

Even if Facebook saw a decline starting today given how entrenched it is among vast swathes of humanity figure it'd take a good decade to be where MySpace is now.

On Microsoft, they are in no danger as no competitor is even close right now and don't see that changing in OS scene anytime soon.

Microsoft made $26 Billion PROFIT this past year. How will that be erased in 5 years? Microsoft couldn't even be in the red in 5 years.

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While I do remember Prodigy (First big internet thing), and how every add had 'AOL Keyword" and Rupert Murdock buying MySpace to promote his agenda, and thus killing it. I don't think a competitor to Facebook has really emerged yet.

I don't think most people realize how incredible useful Facebook is for people the run websites. It's not perfect, but it is a decent screening to keep trolls/spammers at bay. Look at how many sites allow you to log in with Facebook? It is a decent, and probably about the best way we have to authenticate that a person really is a person.

My buddy running a web site was getting so many spam comments, I think from China, that he couldn't delete them fast enough. Ended up having like 5,000 in a few days, and they were all just fake worthless junk that were killing his business. Updates, require people to long in with Facebook, problem solved. (Later adds fancy authenticator.)

As far as Microsoft, they are one the biggest research investors in the history of the world. They spent 10 Billion dollars last year just on research. I think they will be coming up with new stuff we can't even think of yet. I don't think it would be good for the world to lose that innovation.

And as far as the spying stuff, I think it is horrible. Microsoft involvement is bad. But I think it will come out that Google's is much worse as they admit when you sign up for Gmail they will be reading/scanning it. I think our privacy/protection laws will need to be adjusted and improved for the technology age we are entering.


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i hope facebook goes, its too much trouble

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i say one or two years max and microsoft will be gone, vanished into oblivion

Microsoft ? Hell, no.... it won´t, they have a lot of business going on.

As for facebook, I don´t doubt it will die soon, I just can say how long it will still survive. 3 or 5 years. Maybe less, maybe more, as most internet trends we have seen in the past 20 years. Does anyone remember all the fuzz around Second Life some years ago ? Vanished. And what about the craziness that was myspace ? Ghost town. And chat rooms, ICQ, Yahoo groups ? Done and gone.
Only forums and blogs still persist but in a very different way that they used to be.

Facebook is a dotcom bust waiting to happen...
Microsoft is the next IBM, they're just to big.
Someone will eventually come out with better marketable mainstream OS then windows, time frame I have no idea.