Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Project Rainfall games Last Story, Pandora's Tower, and fan requested Rodea and Earthseeker should have been delayed and revamped for the Wii U.

Which game should Nintendo have moved development towards the Wii U?

Last Story 35 59.32%
Pandora's Tower 8 13.56%
Rodea 6 10.17%
Earth Seeker 10 16.95%

I don't understand Nintendo's logic in releasing these games during the final days of the Wii.  Especially when they were having trouble with development resource for the Wii U.  Clearly besides Xenoblade, the 2 other games for Project Rainfall should have been re-made for the Wii U in order to alleviate the software drought the Wii U is having. Now hearing that Rodea is still alive and in development for the Wii, the title should be released on the Wii U instead and take advantage of the consoles more current technology.

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Right like that was ever gonna happen.

Maybe it's because Nintendo didn't make these games, and they launched a good couple of years before the Wii U launched in Japan?


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Good Lord no, Wii's last two years were dry enough, without Xenoblade, TLS and Pandora's Tower they would have been unbearable.

I actually think those games should have been released on Wii but much earlier. I know hindsight is 20/20 but heres what Nintendo should have done to keep Wii relevent and diminish Wii U drought.

Release Xenoblade Q1, Fortune Street Q2, Kirby Q3, Zelda/Skylanders/Just Dance Q4

Last Story Q1, Pandora Tower Q2, Pikmin 3 Q3, Tropical Freeze/Skylanders/Just Dance Q4

Rayman Legends Q1, Lego City Q2, Skylanders/Just Dance Holiday

That would keep Wii from dropping so hard and giving the brand a bad name. I also think Pikmin and Tropical Freeze cpuld have come out a year earlier if they were released on Wii.

As for Wii U, launch holiday 2013 with the deluxe bundlr being the only sku and priced at $299. Launch games to include

Exclusives-Nintendo Land (bundled), Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U, ZombiU (could have used some extra polishing), Mario & Sonic Olympics, Wind Waker HD, Sonic Lost World

Multiplats-COD:Ghosts, Ass Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Just Dance, Skylanders, Battlefield 4, EA Sports (I dont think they would be on bad terms if Wii U wasnt selling so bad early on)

They could follow that up in 2014 with
Q1-Wonderful 101, Wii Party U
Q2-Mario Kart 8, Yarn Yoshi
Q3-Bayonetta 2, SMTxFE
Q4-Smash Bros, X

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I can see why they didn't do it with The Last Story, Earthseeker and Xenoblade, those games began development on the Wii and were already running a bit behind when they finally dropped in 2011.

That being said, they probably would have gotten more burn out of The Last Story in Japan IF they would have had held off and had it converted to the Wii U. The remake of Fatal Frame 2 (Japan exclusive) is especially glaring as it would have been PERFECT for a Wii U launch title.

Personally, I suspect that had Nintendo really tried and not just approached the Wii U development as if it was just another system launch that they had to hype and let happen, they probably could have released it in early 2012. They would have had to drop patches to repair stuff but the fact is they did that anyway and nothing really involved in the system seemed like it couldn't have been finalized and released late spring or early summer of 2012. Had this been the case, a early Wii U launch, they could have easily released some of the later Wii games even if not converted to HD as digital releases and gotten as strong if not stronger response from the industry.

Didn't the games have been released long ago in Japan? They just simply ported them. There was no point in revamping them since Nintendo doubt in the first time that there would be a market for such games.

I thought they were both mediocre games (Pandora's Tower was touching however). Re-releasing Skyward Sword Quicker in HD (in which it looks amazing) would have a much bigger effect imo, than releasing those two as standalone wii-u titles. They would have had the effect of like Folklore on PS3.

Part of the thing is Nintendo didn't have a firm grasp on HD development to convert their own titles to full HD. I still say, just having some of their major Wii games available via digital purchase at launch, with partial upscaling would have been a better option. But the handling of software at the end of the Wii's life cycle and the beginning of the Wii U is just another example of one or more Nintendo mistakes in recent years.

well the OP got ripped to shreds fairly quickly. They didnt even wanna release those outside of the US had to be dragged kicking and screaming and they were gonna be upgraded for WIi U? HA!